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Week beginning 31st January 2022 

Hello Reception,


Here is some learning for you to try at home.


This week we are learning all about Sauropods, which is the name for dinosaurs with really long necks. One type of Sauropod is a Diplodocus, watch this episode of Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures and see what facts you can learn about the Diplodocus.

Can you have go at writing a fact about Diplodocus’ using the grapheme mat below, or maybe you could ask your grown up to write it for you.


Finally for your literacy learning, I'd like you to get your Incy magnifying glass ready and have a close look at this picture.

Who do you think this person is?

Where do you think they live?

What do you think they do?

Try to explain your ideas using the sentence “I think… because…”

We are going to find out exactly who this person is and what they did next week!


We have also been finding out some more about being healthy. Start by singing the ‘If your healthy and you know it’ song:

Sometimes we can feel poorly and there are different things that can help make us feel better.

Can you think of some ways to help you feel better when you feel poorly?

Sometimes a hot water bottle, a hug or some medicine from a grown up you trust can all help you to feel better.

Then why don't you have a go at writing a list and drawing some pictures of some ways to help you feel better.


In maths we have been comparing numbers to 10. You can have a go at this at home using buttons, pasta, pieces of lego or anything else that can be counted! Make two groups of objects (make sure both groups have 10 objects or less in them!) can you compare the group and say which one has more? Then count the objects to check you’re right!


If you have LEGO at home you could build towers representing the numbers to 10. Arrange your towers so that they look like a staircase, can you travel up your staircase saying “one more than 1 is… one more than 2 is…” until you reach 10.

You can also have a go at singing 10 in a bed to help with your maths learning:


In phonics we have been learning:







Here is an opportunity to review all our phonics learning this week:

Finally, this week is a special week for lots of people around the world. This week, lots of people will be celebrating Lunar New year. Explore the videos below all about celebrating Lunar New Year and talk about any other celebrations it reminds you of.

You can also read the story of Lunar New Year below:

Really cannot wait to see you in school again soon. Take care and don't forget to email me if you have any learning you'd like to share.


Take care and see you soon


Miss Ovenden

Week beginning 17th January 2022


Hello again Bumblebees and Ladybirds. 

Not long now and we will all be back together in school. Thank you for the emails, I really enjoyed seeing your learning. 

I have a little more learning for you to have a go at home. 

First, have a listen to the clip underneath and describe what you can hear and what it might be. You could use the language structure of deduction; I think it is...because... 

Then I'd like you to have a think about dinosaurs, in particular if you think they are scary or not scary? Can you say why you think this? 

Finally for your literacy learning, I'd like you to think about

What you already know about dinosaurs (you could ask your grown up to write this down for you)

Then have a go at writing a question, something that you would like to find out about dinosaurs. Don't forget to use the sound mat below. 


We have also been finding out about being healthy here is a little clip to watch 


Then why don't you have a go at writing a list and drawing some pictures of some healthy activities. 


In maths we have been thinking about making pairs - maybe you could try and sort some socks (or gloves or shoes) at home. 

We have also been learning how to combine two groups. 


Draw their attention to the birds. What do we notice about them? Let’s use our magnifying glasses! How many birds are in the sky? How many birds are on the ground? How many birds are there altogether? Practise saying the sentence; ‘There are 3 birds in the sky and 2 birds on the ground. Altogether there are 5 birds.’

You can then have a go at making your own number sentences by setting different scenes here 


We have also been playing lots of board games and exploring dominoes, so do try this at home if you can.


In phonics we have been learning 




I've put some words for you to read underneath. 

Really cannot wait for us all be back together. Take care and don't forget to email me if you have any learning you'd like to share.

Take care and see you soon

Mrs Hawkins 

Hello Bumblebees and Ladybirds!

We are missing you all and can't wait until we can all be together again in school. 

For now, I have some learning for you to have a go at with your grownups at home. 

This week in phonics we have been learning the following digraphs

ch, ai

and revising ng and nk

Below are some words for you to read to your grownups - I have also added our new tricky words! 


In Maths this week we have been learning about 6,7 and 8 - we have enjoyed watching the numberblocks clips and investigating different ways to make 6. 

If you have an egg box at home, you could try to find as many different ways of making 6 with two different coloured objects, if you'd like a bit more of a challenge, try three different colours! 

In Literacy this week we have been enjoying some dinosaur poems. 

Below is Have you Seen my Dinosaur - we listened really carefully to the words in the poem and then had a go at drawing what would thought Digby would look like!

We have then been writing sentences about different dinosaurs using the language structure of description: It has a... (long neck, sharp teeth, big tail) 

I have put some photographs of  some dinosaurs below, could you write a sentence and email it to me? 

Oh, and don't forget to go and check out your new reading books on the Oxford Owl website 

Grownups - I'm really sorry there are no videos, I have totally lost my voice! 

Don't worry if you don't have an egg box you can use this frame to show the different ways to make 6 instead. 


Here are the links to the numberblocks episodes

Here is our new sound mat to help you with your writing! 

Grownups, here is a link to the Little Wandle page where you can find all the phrases for each of the sounds.  

Please do download the documents because then they will be in the correct font (I really hope this is true!) Email me if you have any questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Take care and see you all soon

Mrs Hawkins

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