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Welcome to our Remote Learning page!

Dear Bumblebees,

We need to keep everyone safe so we will be learning online again for a few days. I will be posting some learning for you to do at home with your grown-ups again but it won't be for long this time. We will see each other in school after the Easter holidays. I would love to see what you get up to over the next few days as I will be missing you all so much. Mrs Kanakri, Mrs Glaskin and Mrs Locker will miss you very much too but we will be back together very soon in class. 



Dear Grown-ups

I will post a few small activities on here for tomorrow and then from next week there will be learning just as before. Please remember, to do as much or as little as you can. This isn't for long and the children will be back to learning in class after Easter. We will make sure we revisit anything we need to so please don't worry if commitments mean you don't manage to cover what is uploaded. 


I will be available via the email all week. Please feel free to ask any questions about the learning or send through photos.

Take care and stay safe. 


Mrs Bancroft


Thursday April 1st

It's the last day of term bumblebees! It's a shame that we can't celebrate the end of term together but I'm hoping we can still have a little fun. We'll have a catch up on Zoom today and then we have a little bit of learning. 


We have a review of some digraphs (ng and th) for phonics. There is a link to a Numberblocks to watch to remind you of our number bonds to 10. Could you see if you can remember the pairs of numbers which make ten? Your grown up could say and number and you say what adds to it to make 10. 


Then we have a lovely surprise for the end of term. A stage performance of Stickman to watch. This is available until the 7th of April. Popcorn at the ready! Details below. 


We are all so excited to see you again after the Easter holidays! We all wish you a wonderful break.


Stay safe everyone. 


Mrs. Bancroft, Mrs Kanakri, Mrs Glaskin and Mrs Locker 





Maths 3

Click on the image or the link to watch an episode of Numberblocks all about number bonds to 10. Can you think of some pairs?


Brighton-based children’s theatre company Freckle Productions are delighted to announce that their popular stage adaptation of Stick Manbased on the book by Julia Donaldson with illustrations by Axel Scheffler, will be available for Brighton & Hove school pupils to stream for free from Tuesday 30 March – Wednesday 7 April.

Filmed at the production’s final live performance at the Rose Theatre Kingston in December 2020, this made-for-TV version of the show was initially created for families to view at home over Christmas.   However, with the extraordinarily tough start to the year, Freckle are keen to give something back to their hugely supportive audiences in Brighton, and hope that Stick Man will be an hour of fun for families this Easter.


NEW PASSWORD !!! Apologies the first one didn't work but this one should.

To access the stream, please click the following link and enter the password when prompted:

Password: Fam1lyTr33

Available to watch all day, and as many times as you like, from 30 March – 7 April.

Please note: this video has been approved for distribution for the families of pupils in Brighton and Hove only. Please do not share this link to any other parties. The live show of Stick Man will be back from September 2021, and we really look forward to welcoming our audiences back into the theatre.

Wednesday March 31st



Today we will review the x grapheme and the ch digraph. 

Maths 2 

Today we will practice finding numbers that add together to make 10. These pairs of numbers are called number bonds. Watch the video and then click on the game below to play a fun number bond game. 


Art 2

This week we are learning about countries in Africa. Our story was set in Namibia. Today we are going to learn about some African art that is created in Ghana. Find Ghana on the map in relation to Namibia. 


Have a look at the video below to find out about this art called ‘Adinkra’. It is usually printed onto fabric which people then wear. 


After the video, you can click on the link below to find out more about the symbols and their meaning. Which one  is your favourite symbol? Which meaning do you like the most and why?


Maybe you could have a go at copying some of the symbols. 



Tuesday March 30th 

Hello Bumblebees and welcome to online learning.

Today we will have a little phonics, reviewing some of the digraphs we have been learning.

I have made a maths video for you to watch and there is a little activity at the end for you to try.

If you fancy reading with your grown-up, check out the books on Oxford Owl. The link is down below near the bottom of the page. Try red, yellow or blue books. If you'd like me to advise which ones are best for you, drop me an email. 


 Have fun!

Mrs Bancroft



Today we will be revisiting the qu and sh digraphs. Watch the video of Miss Hilton showing us how to write the digraphs and follow the slides below. 

Maths 1

Today we will be exploring ways to make 10. Watch the video and complete the challenge at the end. If you would like to share anything with me, you can send me an email at the email address at the top. Have fun!

Monday March 29th 

Good morning Bumblebees.


Welcome to online learning. We have some literacy, phonics and a little bit of art today. I will be online at 2pm for a little catch up and story on zoom. If you can make it, I'd love to see you. 

I'll be preparing some more learning for the next three days but remember to do what you can, there is no pressure to do it all.


Mrs Bancroft 



Good morning Bumblebees. Last week we discovered that some crocodiles live in Africa. This week we will be listening to a Folktale from Namibia, a country in Africa. A folktale is a story which has been shared for many years. The story is in the first 10 minutes of the video. 


Grown ups, 

Please pause after 4 minutes (when the zebra and tortoise are talking about grass and disguise) and ask your child to predict what will happen next.

What happened at the end of the story? 

Did you like it? Why/why not? 


Could you make a story map pf the story. You can draw a big S shape on a page to draw your pictures on. 

You can share them with me by email if you like. 




This week we are reviewing some of the earlier phase 3 sounds so we will look at some of the videos of Miss Hilton again and some of our PowerPoints. Today we will revisit y and z/zz. 



Today we are going to be learning about an artist named Julie Mehretu who was born in Ethiopia in Africa. Have a look at the slides to see some of her artwork. What do you notice about her paintings? 


Friday, March 26th 


We are learning about ways to keep our bodies healthy. Watch the story with your grown-up. 

Can you think of a time when you didn't feel well? How did you feel? What made you feel better? 

Think about these different scenarios. Who might help in each one? 


· Safia has a sore tooth: Who might help her?

· Tommy has woken up feeling hot and unwell: Who might help him?

· Daniel’s puffer has run out and he needs a new one: Who might help him?

· Sarah fell off her bike at the park: who might help her?

· Lola needs an injection before she goes on holiday: Who might help her?


Remember, sometimes medicine isn't needed. Sometimes a cuddle or a sleep is enough.

You should only take medicine with your grown-up. 


Maybe you could pretend one of your teddies is not feeling well or has been hurt. What could you do to help them? Could you read them a story to make them feel better? 




Let's practice our tricky words by playing Tricky Word Trucks on Phonics Play. Click on the picture below and choose Phase 2 all HFW. 



Can you practice writing he and she on a whiteboard or piece of paper?

Maybe you could make the words in a tray of salt or with bug chalks outside? 


Remote Learning - Spring 2 Week 2 - Week Beginning Monday 1st March

Sounds of the Week (oo, ar, oa)

Guided Reading at Home: 'Jack'

Remote Learning - Spring 1 Week 1 - Week Beginning Monday 4th January

Facts and Questions about Dinosaurs

Additional Resources

Coronavirus - A book for children

We know that lockdown is a strange time for families and young children. This book was produced for families to share with young children during the first lockdown last year. It explains the current lockdown, including school closures, in child-appropriate language and shares messages of hope for a return to routine and normality in the future. As the current lockdown continues we thought it might be a useful resource for you to share with your child at home. 

Reading at Home:


In addition to the daily phonics learning we have also prepared some weekly guided reading resources to share with your child at home. 

The books we will share have been selected from the Oxford Owl ebook library. These books and suggested questions may not be the perfect level for your child: Do feel free to dip into those in the colour band above or below if you feel this is appropriate.

Mrs Bancroft has prepared this video guide for parents and carers that explains some of the many strategies that children use, in addition to using and applying their phonic knowledge, when reading.


We have been practicing using and applying our Phase 2 phonic knowledge at school: 'Pink Level' books are perfect for this and can be found by selecting 'Browse the eBook library' > 'Levels' > 'Book Band' > 'Book Band 1: Pink'

Please remember that lovely stories that you share together are still the most important thing to inspire a love of reading, build vocabulary, develop an understanding of sentence structure and most importantly bring joy at a difficult time!


Mrs Bancroft has recorded a video of our Phase 2 letter sounds and cued articulation actions:                                

We use this grapheme mat (below) to remind ourselves what letter shapes look like.

Encourage your child to use their letter sounds, songs and actions to remind them what a letter shape (grapheme) looks like when they are reading and writing! 

Cursive letter formation

You might find the below cursive letter formation PowerPoint Presentation useful.

Here it is in pdf. format as well in case MS PowerPoint is not compatible with your device at home! 

In addition, we love playing Phonics Play games at school: access these for free using the following details: 

Username: jan21       

Password: home

The games and activities on this website help us to use and apply our phonics knowledge. 


On this website you will find lots of free number, shape and counting games:

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