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If you don't have a supply of books at your children's reading level, there are books online to use. Oxford University Press have 12 of each level on their website. This is a free service once you create a log in. Our colour levels are slightly different so if your child was reading red they should read pink, yellow should read red and then move on to yellow when they are ready. If your child was reading blue books, they should read yellow and then move on to blue if they are ready. Select level and then book band.

Please remember that lovely stories that you share together are still the most important thing to inspire a love of reading, build vocabulary, develop and understanding of sentence structure and most importantly bring joy at a difficult time!



We love playing Phonics Play games at school. The games and activities help us to use and apply our phonics knowledge.

Access to a tablet friendly site is currently free using the following login details:

Username: march20

Password: home 

Remote Learning - Week Beginning 30.03.20

We have some exciting news. Our eggs have hatched!

Use your language structure of prediction to predict which animals will hatch from the eggs. Will it be a crocodile? A bird? Something else?

  • I predict it will be...
  • I predict it will be... because...

Watch the video. Use your Incy magnifying glass to notice carefully.

Was your prediction correct?


Children: We are so impressed with your phonics learning at home! Here are some new challenges for this week. We are going to revisit some of the phase 3 sounds that we have been learning at school. 

You will need your grapheme mat, something to write on and something to write with.

Maybe you could use chalk or water and a paintbrush if you are learning outside! 

Grown ups: Thank you for helping your child to practice their phase 3 phonics. We are so impressed with your fabulous learning! 

Each session follows a ‘Review, Teach, Practice, Apply’ structure. 

There are four sessions to work through this week. Come back tomorrow to find the next one!

There will be links to Phonics Play games if you want to use them.​ You will need to use the free login to access these resources:

Username: march20

Password: home 

Keep practicing and remember to have lots of fun!

Remote Learning - Week Beginning 23.03.20


This is the phonics for the week. Work through it bit by bit at whatever pace suits you and your child.

2 - Add or or ow to the words orally or by writing on whiteboards/paper.

3 - Learn a new trigraph (three letters for one sound). Read the words and spot the ure sound.

4 - Play obb and bob game by clicking on this link and selecting ure words.

5 - Read the sentences together and notice the ure words.

6 -New sound – er. Remind that this is the same as ur but this one is usually at the end. Trace letters in the air or on the screen and then practice writing.

7 - Write the words to match the pictures?

8 - Read and answer the questions. Spot the er words.

9 -Click on the game and click the last option.

10 -Read the new tricky words together. Spot the part that sounds different to how it usually does. All (a) and are (cant hear the e)

 11 - Write are as many times as you can in one minute. Repeat with all.

12 - Play level 1, 2 or 3 to practice high frequency words. Click on image or the link below. Have fun!!


Find a helpful guide to phonics here. Reception children have covered phase 2, are working on the end of phase 3 and will soon move on to phase 4.

Parent's guide to phonics -

For a little more in depth knowledge of the phases -


Your teachers have been spotting signs of spring in their gardens.

What signs can you see out of your window or in your garden?

Can you draw some of them? Can you label them? Maybe you could write a sentence about one of the things you see.

I can see a spotty ladybird.

It is a tiny bud.

The flowers are pink.

Hand Writing

This week we will practice writing m and n . Read the rhymes below to help you form the letters and follow the video.


Have a look at this video and learn the hand washing song.


This week we are learning about time. Click on the video below to learn how to play the game 'What Time is it Mr Wolf?'

You can play the game together.

What items around your home tell the time?

What do you do at different times of the day? What do you do at 9 o'clock, 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock.

Over the week can you sequence activities with first, next, after that, finally.

Creative Suggestions

Can you design and make a home for Croc and Bird? What will you use? Can you find materials around your home or garden?


Maybe try a little paper weaving with this cut our chick and egg.


Try making fruity playdough with this recipe.


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