Holidays in Term Time

  • In line with DFES and Brighton and Hove Guidance Patcham Infant school will not authorise pupil absence for holidays in term time, unless there are exceptional or unusual and compelling circumstances. This applies to absences of any length
  • All holiday requests should be made in writing to the Headteacher
  • Holidays taken in term time will automatically be recorded as unauthorised unless there are exceptional or unusual and compelling circumstances
  • It is possible that unauthorised holidays will trigger involvement from the Home-school Liaison Officer and you could be liable for a fine.

Our Home-school Liaison Officer (HSLO) supports the school with attendance. Her role is to ensure that children are in school when they should be, and to ensure that your children are punctual.
The Home-school Liaison Officer visits the school regularly to meet with the Head Teacher and Administration Assistant responsible for attendance. The registers are scrutinised, patterns of absence/poor punctuality are discussed and any previous history with the Home-school Liaison Officer are taken into account.
The Home-school Liaison Officer makes decisions regarding asking the school to follow-up attendance/punctuality issues and letters may be sent home. If attendance/punctuality issues do not improve then further action may be taken.

For your Information:

Absence linked to holidays in term time

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  Every School Day Counts!
365 days
in each year
175 Non-School Days a Year – i.e. Weekends and School Holidays
190 school days in each year
190 school days in each year 10 days absence

180 days of education
19 days absence

171 days of education
28 days absence

161 days of education
38 days absence

152 days of education
47 days absence

  143 days of education
100% attendance 95% attendance 90% attendance 85% attendance 80% attendance 75% attendance
Best chance of success – gets your child off to a flying start
Less chance of success Makes it harder to make progress
Absence will affect your child’s progress Action will be taken

Setting good attendance patterns early on will help your child later on

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