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The results of our recent school questionnaire show that you were in agreement that your children are very happy and are coping well at Patcham Infants school. Patcham Infants has been doing very well making the children feel at home even in the current strange and different conditions. You feel strongly that your child has settled happily into their class (78% strongly agreed, 19% agreed), that your child feels happy and safe at playtime. (59% strongly agreed, 36% agreed) and that the school staff is welcoming and helpful (72% strongly agreed, 25% agreed).

Your comments and responses in the questionnaire consistently showed you feel Patcham Infants is communicating with you effectively (49% strongly agreed, 44% agreed). You feel well informed about general school matters (45% strongly agreed, 47% agreed). You also agree that you are well informed about your child’s learning (40% strongly agreed, 53% agreed).

There is a consensus that it is easy for you to talk to your teacher if you have concerns (56% strongly agreed, 34% agreed) and that you find the reading diary comments useful (39% strong agree, 51% agree.

Many thanks for taking the time to complete the questionnaire. If you have any further suggestions or comments please email us at:

Our Goals:  

Outstanding outcomes through high quality learning and teaching  

Resilient, resourceful, reflective and collaborative children  

Engaged and respectful members of the community  

Nurturing, stimulating and enabling environment 

Ways Forward


Thank you for taking the time to respond to the question about how best to support a school wide recovery from the last two years.


The main themes that came out of the results were to:

  • re-engage with fundraising activities
  • create opportunities for community gatherings
  • continue to focus on well-being
  • create opportunities for parent/carers to come into the school to share celebrations of children's learning
  • support children's learning through parent/carer helpers in the classroom
  • provide parent/carer workshops to support learning at home.


The school is committed to:

  • Providing enrichment activities to support well-being - Forest School, class trips, visitors, Well-being Week, Sports Days, Dance at the Dome, Children's Parade, mindfulness activities, peer massage, storytelling yoga
  • Inviting families into school for class assemblies and leavers celebrations
  • Inviting families in to celebrate children's achievements and learning
  • Recruiting a team of parent/carers to support reading in school
  • Organising sponsored activities as a way of generating income
  • Planning parent/carer workshops.


In order for the school to work towards more fundraising activities and community gatherings it will be reliant on the support of an active PTA. The school will proactively engage in re-energising a PTA to lead on fundraising community events.


Your views

You shared your views on how the school should best support a successful recovery.

We collected together some of the incredibly warm comments below: 

"By being patient with children learning"

"I think community spirit is key. Listening to one another to figure out short comings. PTA could help with fundraising"

"Have a real focus on children's wellbeing and make school life as fun as possible" 

"Focus on mental heath and wellbeing of the school community "

"We think school has the balance right with fun and learning. We think you're doing a great job "

"More parental support in school (once safe) to support the children "

"Fund raise and ask for donations to get the best possible resources"

"A concerted effort to bring back class and school community gatherings!"

 "Continue to act as normal as possible "

"Invest in the teachers and resources for the school. The kids were in good hands during the pandemic and have done well." 

"The sponsored read is a great idea, there are lots of ways to raise money for the school that the kids would enjoy and could bring People together."

"Promoting healthy mind and metal well-being is key to both children and parents and teachers. As long as this is attended to by all of us sensitively and compassionately then the nurturing environment required for effective teaching will follow. As a wider community - it would be lovely to see a year coming together, talking and not being afraid to be in each other's company again. A spring fair or summer sports day or bbq for the infants school would be lovely for us all. We have felt a great deal of love and commitment from the school towards education for our child and her class. We are very grateful for all the time and effort your dedicated team give to our future adults. Thanks."

"To keep doing what you are doing to support not just the children at Patcham but also one another."


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