Questionnaire Results 2018-2019

Fantastic Results! 

Since last year’s questionnaire we have made improvements in how we communicate with you. This year 65% of you strongly agreed and 34% agreed that you felt well informed about your child’s learning compared to 51% and 44% last year. We also focused on teacher’s comments in reading diaries, and many more of you strongly agreed that teacher’s comments were helpful, increasing from 45% last year to 64% this year, with those agreeing decreasing by 10% to 33%.

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Outstanding outcomes through high quality learning and teaching  

Resilient, resourceful, reflective and collaborative children  

Engaged and respectful members of the community  

Nurturing, stimulating and enabling environment 

105 returns from 299 families = 35% response rate
105 returns from 299 families = 35% response rate
Keyword analysis of what you told us in your feedback by
Keyword analysis of what you told us in your feedback by


Outdoor Learning Environment 

We also asked you to share your views on the impact the Outdoor Learning Environment has had on your child’s learning experiences and enjoyment at school. We were delighted by the heartfelt responses which you managed to squeeze in whilst hurrying in and out of school.  

We have made significant investment in terms of staff time and funding to develop the grounds as a nurturing and stimulating learning environment for the children at Patcham. Forest Schools exemplifies what we are trying to do as a school and is the logical development of the goals we have set ourselves.  

Whilst the Governing Board is eager to promote the benefits of outdoor learning, we are judicious in maintaining a fair balance between indoor and outdoor spending – to ensure that, irrespective of current budget constraints, we maximize the benefits to children of both learning environments. 

As a school we are creating an environment for resilient, and healthier, happier children. We are increasingly focusing on the mental health and well-being of our children, both for the time that they are at school, and for the future.   

As well as being fun and exciting, exploring woodland, investigating habitats, and building dens, Forest School is also about child-led and collaborative learning, and about children putting their Building Learning Power toolkits to the test. Also, as many of you recognized, there are significant mental health benefits of being outside and creative at Forest School. 

We are currently working on two initiatives aimed at making the most of the school grounds and having further positive impact on the mental health and well-being of children: 

The Daily Mile

We are using sports funding to create a circuit around the windmill playground to take part in the Daily Mile initiative. The Daily Mile is a social activity where the children run or jog, at their own pace, for 15 minutes every day. It improves children’s physical and mental health, and their focus in the classroom. 

For more information please see the web page: 

Mosaic wall & Quiet Garden Area 

Thanks to the great fundraising work of the PTA, there will soon be a new quiet area in the Greenhouse playground. This area will be fenced off and astro turf laid down to create an area for children seeking quiet time during playtimes. Our children have been helping to design a new mosaic wall in this area, incorporating all the class animals (between the sheds and the Trim Trail). The wall has now been prepared and is ready to go.  

Your views

65 out of 105 of you shared your views on the outdoor learning environment.  We have collected together some of these incredibly warm comments below: 


Really important for children to experience outdoor play to enrich their learning – it’s not all about reading and writing – social development, self-awareness and curiosity just as important 

I value hugely the development of the school grounds; it creates a welcoming and nurturing environment. My child loves Forest School and playing outside and this encourages his enjoyment and knowledge of nature 

The grounds are looking amazing! They create a sense of relaxation for all and are enjoyable for both children and adults alike. Thank you! 

I think it’s key to keeping the children happy and engaged 


Love it – my children thrive in this environment 

Massively, it is one of the reasons we chose Patcham. Good outdoor spaceI believe is essential for learning 


I think being outdoors and learning within nature is crucial to children’s well-being. My daughter is very fond of Forest School! Thank you!


This is brilliant. Children learn in so many different ways and being able to learn outside when it doesn’t necessarily feel like learning is ace. Thank you!

She loves coming to school and learning and it has made her more confident in all areas 


Very important! They love their outdoor learning and I think Patcham Infants do it so well 


I think development of the grounds is very important to support learning. It encourages appropriate risk taking and a love/respect for nature   


This is one of the reasons I love this school – playing outdoors and learning in this environment is essential to my child’s well-being – she feels happier when she’s spent enough time outside! 


We think outside time is very important and adds another dimension to social, emotional and physical development 


Very important for outdoor learning and exploration of nature both for learning and mental health 

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