Our School Learning Dispositions

We believe that the more children understand how a ‘good learner’ behaves, the more they will be able to develop the behaviours themselves. We know that as the world is rapidly changing, children have to respond in ways to meet these demands and, as a school, we are encouraging children to; be emotionally engaged (Resilient), use a wide cognitive range (Resourceful), engage socially (Reciprocal) and take strategic responsibility (Reflective).

At Patcham Infant School and Nursery Class we want the children to acquire the right skills and attitudes for life. After researching the concept of Building Learning Power (BLP) developed by Professor Guy Claxton and following INSET with Maryl Chambers we have come up with the list of key learning capacities below. Each disposition has a character linked to it and each character has a set of tools that are an essential part of each lesson, where children will be identifying the key attitudes needed for the task and their own key areas for improvement. We would like you to consider these and try and reinforce them in their activities at home.


Learning with a Growth Mindset


Growth Mindset is a key concept, based around the work of Carol Dweck, which shapes the ethos of our school. We believe the best thing to do is teach children to love challenges, be curious, see mistakes as a way to improve, enjoy effort, persevere and learn from each other. Rather than simply praising 'abilty' and 'flair', we praise effort, persistence and positive attitudes to the learning process and give feedback to help children make even more progress so that learning is seen as a way to improve. We encourage learning from their mistakes and seeing it as an opportunity to learn something new



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Our School Learning Characters

Incy Independent

Incy Independent has ‘stickability’ which means it doesn’t   give up and it keeps trying different ways until it achieves    the goal.

Incy doesn’t get distracted by anything or anyone around because it becomes absorbed in what it’s doing.

Incy is really good at noticing things that will help it learn.



Reflective Raven

Reflective Raven will help children to become reflective and think carefully about how to overcome obstacles within      their learning.

Reflective Raven helps them to plan their learning effectively, using everyday experiences to support their learning.

Reflective Raven will also help them to review and adapt to improve their learning and enjoy talking about         the progress that they are making.

Give and Take  

Give and Take are cooperative and collaborative meerkats who love to learn in harmony with other people.

They enjoy sharing their thoughts and ideas, discussing problems and solutions.

Give and Take encourage everyone to take on a role and get   involved, but they can also see when it is best to                   learn on their own.

They are good listeners, empathise and value              everyone’s ideas.   

Resourceful Rat

Resourceful Rat is a real problem solver. Before tackling a problem, Resourceful Rat thinks very carefully about any obstacles that might get in its way and how it can be successful.

Resourceful Rat likes to imagine what the outcome might   look like when starting something so that it knows what it is working towards.

Resourceful Rat takes a step-by-step approach in its    planning and ask lots of questions as it always wants to learn more and find an answer.

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