Year 2 - Summer Term

Our Super Start

We began our new learning journey What Makes a Story Great? with a day of story-telling.  The children visited different classrooms to hear and take part in interactive stories such as ‘The Pedlar of Swaffham’, ‘The Secret of Black Rock’ and ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels ’.

We were inspired by M P Robertson’s dragon stories to create our own descriptive writing and poetry about dragons.

During Gypsy, Roma and Traveller week we had a special Assembly and learnt about the different customs and traditions shared by this community and discussed the similarities and differences between different homes.  We looked at the art work of a successful artist from the traveller community and used different media to re-create her work.


To begin we looked at a range of different samples of Batik and these helped us to think about how we wanted our finished products to look. We also used the outdoor classroom to look for patterns that appear in nature. Then we set about the design process creating a number of different designs, refining them and then choosing one to make. Next we practised the skills needed to use the hot wax and dye tools and then used these skills to make our patterns. The hot wax was difficult to apply to the fabric so we had to persevere. Then we applied the different dyes and built up the colours. Finally we had some time to reflect on the process and our finished products thinking about what went well and what we might like to have changed.

Outdoor Learning

These photos show some of our learning in the outdoor classrooms. Included are collaborative games, exploring different habitats, cloud watching, calculating using number lines and colour matching.   

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