School Council

Patcham Infant School has a School Council currently made up of 2 children from each Year 1 and Year 2 class.

If you are interested you have to tell everyone why you would like to be on the School Council...



  • Are you a good listener?
  • Do you have good ideas?
  • Can you take turns?
  • Can you talk confidently in front of grown ups and children?
  • Are you caring and kind?
  • Can you put across your opinions clearly?

If so, then you could be a representative for your class on the School Council.

The class vote for one child they want to represent them on School Council. Then the class teacher chooses a second child.

School Council meet at least twice each term.

The children come to meetings and discuss lots of different ideas and issues.

Often they have to go back to class and ask their class for their ideas too.

Some of the issues we are currently exploring are:

  • School Improvement Plan Goal 2:  Resilient, Reflective, Resourceful and Collaborative Children                                                  How do we know children are developing these learning powers?
  • School Improvement Plan Goal 3:  Engaged and Respectful members of the community.                                                            How do we know we are being respectful?
  • School Improvement Plan Goal 4:  Nurturing, Enabling and Stimulating environments.                                                                 How are our different environments supporting our learning?  What could we do to improve them?

School Council Members

Twelve School Councillors have been elected (two from each Key Stage 1 class). Reception children will be elected in February for the remainder of the year.

At each meeting we start by talking about our achievements since the last meeting.

Come and have a look at the photographs on the School Council notice board to see who we are and what we get up to!


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