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All governors and any associate members have agreed to act according to the Patcham Infant School Governing Body Code of Conduct.  With the exception of the headteacher, all governors are appointed for a four year term but may resign at any time. Patcham Infant School Governing body has 12 governors on its constitution: 

  • Headteacher governor -        the headmaster may choose to be a governor
  • Staff governor -                      nominated from and elected by the staff
  • 3 parent governors -              nominated from and elected by parents of pupils
  • 6 co-opted governors -         appointed by the governing body on the basis of their skills and knowledge
  • Local authority governor -    selected and appointed by the governing body with the approval of the local authority 

There is also a Clerk to the Governors who is appointed by the governors but has no vote.  Associate members may also be appointed from time to time to assist the governing body on the basis of their skills and knowledge.  Their voting rights are agreed by the full governing body but they never have a vote at full governing body meetings.


The Governing Body 2021-2022


David Skeet

Co-opted Governor

9.2.22 to 8.2.26

Chair of Governors



Chris Taylor

Headteacher Staff Governor

03.9.14 - 


Tracey Grennan

Local authority Governor

Originally appointed 14.10.20

Current term 25.11.20 - 24.11.24

Helen Hawkins

Co-opted governor

Original appointment 16.3.15 

Current term 16.3.19 - 15.3.23


Parent Governor

The governing body is pleased to welcome Jim Hughes.

 Vice Chair of Governors 

Term 2.12.20 to 1.12.24



Parent Governor

Term 18.11.21 - 17.11.25



Parent Governor

Term 18.11.21 - 17.11.25

Thomas Rhodes

Co-opted Governor

Health and Safety

Originally appointed 6.7.16

Current term 16.7.20 - 15.7.24

Co-opted Governor

Kate Dorrian

Term 15.9.21 to 14.9.25



Co-opted Governor

Sam Hawkins

19.1.22 - 18.1.26 

Co-opted Governor

Emma Pettit

7.7.21 to 6.7.25

Current term 16.3.19 - 15.3.23 


Formal nominations to be sought from staffing body to enable election in September 2022

Contact clerk 

Staff Governor


Governors who have stepped down or whose term has expired in the last year:

Nina Taylor stepped down 11.10.21

Andy Flowerday stepped down 1.12.21

Ron Guilford stepped down 7.1.22

Lizzie Hilton Staff governor stepped down 7.7.22

Patcham Infant School Governing Body Declarations of Interest 2022

 Governors declare their interests at least annually and at each meeting it is checked whether they have an interest in any agenda item.  If there is a conflict then they do not vote on that item and the other governors decide whether it is appropriate for them to contribute to the discussion or need to withdraw. 

Name of Governor Name of business/Organisation Nature of Business Nature of Interest
Marie Buss  TBA
Laura Cooper Brighton & Hove City Council - Housing Local Authority Employee
Kate Dorrian Samaritans Charity Volunteer
Tracey Grennan Retired Teacher None None

Sam Hawkins 

SE England Partnership Manager Creative and Cultural Skills ltd

1 Employee

2 Spouse of Deputy

Lizzie Hilton Patcham Infant School School Teacher
Jim Hughes Clarion Housing Group Housing Association Employee
Helen Hawkins Patcham Infant School School

1 Deputy Headteacher

2Spouse S Hawkins -co-opted governor

Emma Pettit NHS Forensic Psychiatrist with NHS Employee
Thomas Rhodes Philips Surveyors LLP Surveyors  Employee
David Skeet

Brighton and Lewes Fleamarkets


 General Manager and Director

Chris Taylor

Patcham Infant School






Governors in previous year:




Nina Taylor Chair of Governors co-opted 9.12.15 to 11.10.21 Legal and General

 Insurance Company

Andy Flowerday  Coopted

Original appointment 17.9.14

Latest term 16.3.19 - 1.12.21

All Saints Church

PCC Trustees


 Employee - Vicar

 and Chair of PCC Trustees

Ron Guilford 

Chair of Governors Co-opted  Originally appointed 3.11.08 - latest term 25.11.20 - 7.1.22




Lizzie Hilton 16.7.19 to 7.7.22

Staff governor

Patcham Infant School



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