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Week beginning 29th March 2021

Good morning wonderful Caterpillars.  I hope you are all okay and have had fun over the weekend.  I'm sorry we are not in Caterpillar class this week  Mrs Snelling and Mrs Hawkins miss you and look forward to seeing you soon.  Here is some learning for you to enjoy until we see you again.


Please pick and mix which activities your child wants to do.  There really is no

expectation from us to complete the tasks.  We know you a juggling many plates

and so are just for guidance.

Below are some numicon challenges for you.  Have a really good look at the first numicon numberline and then spot the odd one out on the others.  Remember that you need to look carefully and count slowly using your finger to help.  If you are not sure which number it is you can count the holes to find out. 

Good luck!


Here is the numicon numberline

Can you find the odd one out?

As you have your counting head on, can you count the pictures below and write the correct numeral.  You can always write the numeral in the sky or the table with your finger if you are not able to print it out.

Okay, now for some Literacy learning. Over the past few weeks we have getting to know some characters and settings from a story. I have made a video with some of the thinking we have already done together and a little part of the story. 

As promised here are another couple of films, one of the author showing how he created the images for the story and a little clip of the book. Enjoy! 

Can you continue looking really closely at the pictures below and spot the differences.  Remember you can use Incy independent's magnifying glass to help.

We have been exploring and enjoying rhyme over the last few weeks.  Can you have a look at these pictures below and see if you can find the rhyming words.  Have you got any books that have rhyming words in that you can enjoy together?

Here are a couple of rhyming books for you to enjoy from cbeebies.


Now for some busy hands activities.  Remember the more you can strengthen the muscles in your fingers and hands, the easier holding a pencil will be for you.  As well as these activities you can also practise making lego and duplo towers, doing your buttons and zips on your coat, or even picking up pieces of dry pasta with tweezers! 

You can copy the patterns below in the air, on paper or even in shaving foam on a tray.

All this talk about Easter has got me thinking about the rhyme of the week, I think you are really going to enjoy this one... 

Let's take a break and enjoy some Relax Kids. 

Now back to our story, how did you get on with your freeze frame? I wonder which character you decided to be?

Did you think about what might happen next in the story?

Shall we see what happens...

As promised, here is a close up of the birds and a rather fabulous opera!

Here is a fun challenge that you can play with the other people in your home.

Good luck!

Here are some questions for you to have a think about.  When you answer, try to use a full sentence and add a connection in your sentence.

I would rather.......................................because.................................................

Well done for getting really stuck into your learning this week!

Mrs Snelling and I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and we can't wait to see after the holidays back in Caterpillar class together again. 

Week beginning 1st March 2021

Good morning Caterpillars and welcome to Monday.  I hope you have been able to enjoy the lovely weather that we have had over the last few days.  Today is the first day of March so February is now behind us and we can look forward to having some fun in spring.  I hope that you enjoyed the learning last week and we will continue to explore those themes this week.

This week we are going to think about spring and the seasonal changes that we observe, we will think about sequencing the events in our day as well as a phonic activity, I spy, write dance and some daffodil artwork.

Last week you went on a spring hunt with a checklist.  I wonder if you were able to find any of the items on the list?  When I have been out and about over the last couple of weeks I have noticed lots of daffodils popping up in gardens and around the park.  Have you seen any daffodils yet?  Maybe you are lucky and have some in your garden.  Daffodils are really exciting to see as it means that winter is behind us and spring is arriving.

I was thinking it would be lovely to start the week with some daffodil art.  Can you use Incy's magnifying glass and look closely at the photo of the daffodils and then use what you have around the house to create your own daffodil art?  It would be lovely to see your creations so you could ask your grown up to take a picture and send it to Mrs Snelling and Mrs Hawkins.  You can send it to us at

  • What colour are the petals?
  • What shape is the middle of the daffodil?
  • Is the stem the same colour as the petals?

Now for some phonics.  Last week Mrs Hawkins made silly soup with you.  Did you manage to make your own silly soup?  How did it taste?

We are going to continue thinking about rhyme.  Do you remember rhyme is when words sound the same at the end.  Here is a video of 'odd one out'.  Can you find the word that does not rhyme with the others?  That is the odd one out.  After the video there is an activity for you to find the odd one out.  Remember to say the words out loud so you are able to hear the end of the word and it will be easy to spot the odd one out.

Good luck!

Now for some writedance.

Writedance is designed for young children to practise their pre writing skills with repetitive gross and fine motor movements.  Below is one for you to enjoy together.  You can do it with or without the music.  Below is also a grid with the words, movements and then the scrimbling.  If you learn the song and then add the movements and finally sing the song while doing the scrimbling.  The scrimling can be done in the sky, with chalk on the ground, on paper or if you are feeling brave with shaving foam on a tray!

Here is a video of Mrs Snelling exploring the scrimble movements in shaving foam.  Maybe you could give it a go!  I will also put on the music without the words if you prefer to use this version.

Last week Mrs Hawkins read you the story of Huey and his new jumper and you designed your own jumper with the various shapes.  Can you now design a scarf to match his jumper?  Below are some ideas for some repeating patterns on a scarf.  Can you complete them before designing your own repeating pattern scarf.

What are your favourite colours in the scarf?

What colours would you choose for your own scarf?

When I popped into the Caterpillar class last week I also saw the feathers that were on the steps.  Can you remember seeing the picture of this?  It got me thinking about how they had got there and who had left them behind.  I look forward to hearing your ideas about this. Below is another illustration to have a really close look at with some questions for you.  Have you got your magnifying glass ready?  It is an illustration from out new key text.

How do you think the new story begins?

Do you think this is a character from the book?  If so do you think it is a good or bad character in the story?

Do you think there are any other characters in the story?  Who?

What do you think will happen in the story?

What is the character?  How do you know?

Can you describe the features of the character?

Remember to use a full sentence to share your ideas.


I think that.......................because...............................


I like...............................and...........................................


I can see .......................and............................................

Here is this weeks Rhyme of the week.  I look forward to hearing your singing very soon back in Caterpillar class.  Can you learn this rhyme and maybe sing it to your favourite teddy or on the phone to a friend or grandparent?

Now for some maths.  Here is a book called One world, one day.  Can you listen to the book and to the routine of the children in the book.   I would then like you to think about what you do when you first wake up in the morning. Maybe you have breakfast, brush teeth, watch tv and get dressed.  Can you chat with your grown up about what you do.  Can you try to put it in a sequence using first, next, then and finally to help you.

Here is a video to watch of me sequencing what I do at the end of the day.  Can you watch it and then think about either the end of your day or another time in your day and again using first, next, then and finally sequence what you do.

Can you sequence the events below using your super language.  There are 3 pictures in each sequence so you could you the words, first, next and finally to help you sequence.

Don't forget to make your zig zag book and draw the sequence of your day?  Here is my zig zag book. Can you guess what the sequence is and what each picture is?

I really enjoyed the story that Mrs Hawkins read about the fabulous frogs and have been thinking about all the information I know about frogs.  Do you know any information about frogs? Can you share it with your grown up?  I am looking forward to being back at school so we can explore our school pond and see if the frogs have laid their eggs in the pond.  Over the next few weeks we can observe the changes and chat about what we find.  Below is a picture of the lifecycle of a frog.  Have a really good look and chat with your grown ups about what you can see.

Where does a frog lay her eggs?

Have you ever seen a pond with a frog in?

Do you know what frog eggs are called?

Can you describe what it looks like?

Now for some busy hand activities.  Can you practise forming the letters in your name?  Remember to pinch the pencil between your thumb and forefinger and tuck your other fingers behind.  It can feel really tricky sometimes to form some the letters in your name but don't give up.  Here is the cursive letter formation, can you see if you can find the letters in your name? 

Remember apart from the first letter in your name, all the other letters start in the same place on the line. We are not expecting the children to be able to independently write their name or join up the letters of their name.  It is really just about recognising their name, practising form the letters and giving meaning to their marks.

Brilliant work!  Now for some scissor skills.  Again it can feel really tricky to hold and use scissors correctly but have a go.  You can either print these out or practise cutting on a piece of paper that you have.

Below are some pictures from the story that I read earlier.  One world, one day.  I would like you to have a really good look at the pictures and think about what is the same and what is different to you and your life.  Some of the children in the pictures live in different parts of the world and although they may do some things differently, I am sure that there are many many things that are the same as you and your friends.

Do you have friends and family that live in different parts of the UK or the world? Do you have things that are different and things that are similar with them? 

To finish off our learning this week there is a podcast to listen to of Spring on the farm from cbeebies.  Can you have a listen and see what you can hear.  Keep your eyes peeled for signs of spring all around you.  There is also a Spring I spy for you to enjoy.  How many of each thing can you spot?

On Thursday this week it is World Book Day.  There will be many stories read by different teachers at Patcham Infant school here on the website for you to enjoy.  Maybe you can find some time to share and enjoy your favourite stories together digging deep into the story setting, the characters and the plot.  Here are a couple of stories for you to enjoy. Below are some links to  a variety of stories.


Have a wonderful week and remember that there is no expectation that you will complete all of the activities.  If you are able to choose a couple that interest your child that is absolutely fine.  We are so excited to welcome everyone back over the week of March 8th and look forward to planning a term of fun activities to settle the children back into the routine of school.  Thank you for your ongoing support.  Enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs Snelling and Mrs Hawkins

Week beginning 22nd February 2021 

Welcome back Caterpillar class! I do hope you had a wonderful half term, it was so nice that it was a little warmer and hopefully this meant that you could get outside and spend a bit more time on your bikes or scooters. 

I wonder who ate the most pancakes?! I had some for breakfast and for my dinner! But I did remember to have plenty of fruits and vegetables with them.


Now this week, we are going to continue thinking about rhyme, I have a very silly song for you. We are also very, very close to Spring and I thought you might see some signs of Spring on your daily walks around Patcham. Something quite strange happened the other day and I wonder if you might be able to me with this? In maths we are going to think about how to write numerals using our number rhymes. I also have a new massage and some brilliant stories for you to listen to. 

As ever Caterpillar class, Mrs Snelling and I are missing you all terribly. We can't wait to be back together for plenty of learning, laughter and fun. 


Okay, let's start this week with our rhyme of the week. It's all about frogs! 

Then I have a story about frogs and some of the wonderful illustrations from the book, I thought that maybe you would like to paint or draw a frog and then you could email it to us. 

Now for our first story this week. This is called Whoever you are. Have a listen and then try the activity at the end of the clip. Can you find something that is the same as someone in your house and something that is different? Maybe you have the same colour hair or eyes. Get you Incy magnifying glass out and have a really close look. You could even draw a picture.  

Now I'd like us to come back to thinking about Spring. Here I have a Spring hunt for you, you might find a few different things as well, maybe you could take some photographs of the things that you see and then ask your grown up to email them to us.

Then I have a new massage all about something that we can start to grow in Spring...potatoes! 

Okay, time for another story. Have a listen and then I have an activity underneath that you could try out. 

I'd like us to practice our listening skills now, have a listen to the clip below and then see if you can do this at your home or when you are out for some exercise. Could you draw all the different things that you heard? Which was the loudest and which was quietest? 

So, I was just in the forest school listening to all of those environmental sounds and when I was walking back to the class, look what I found...

Well, that was very, very strange! I wonder if you know what they are and where they came from? 

Do you think you might be able to put your ideas into a sentence. 

I think...because

They might have come from...because...

Let's have the final story of the week, I wonder if you have noticed about the stories I have read this week? 

Well, would you look at this? I wonder what this illustration is all about? Have a really close look with your Incy magnifying glass and tell your grown what you notice. 

Could you put your ideas into a sentence, I notice...

You could even explain your thinking a little more by using the word 'because'

I wonder if these birds have anything to do with the discovery in the classroom the other day. I wonder if you can make a connection in your learning? 

And now for some maths learning. This week I'd like us to think about numerals and matching a numeral to a quantity. I have put the number rhymes that we learnt together in Caterpillar class to help you and then there is also a way to get active with your counting. 

Finally this week, let's do something extremely silly. Do you fancy making some silly soup? Here is a little clip, have a watch and then see if you can make your very own silly soup. 

That's everything for this week Caterpillar class, I hope there is something there that you enjoy and can have a really good go at. Remember to send anything that you have had a go at to the nursery email, Mrs Snelling and I love to see what you have been up to. 

Grownups, remember you are all doing a marvellous job and I for one am very hopeful that we will all be back together very soon. 

Week beginning 8th February 2021

Good morning Caterpillars and welcome to this weeks home learning.  I hope you are well and are managing to get out for a little walk, run or scoot in between this rainy and snowy weather. I had the sledge ready to go but there was sadly not enough snow. Maybe you have been practising your ball skills like Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Budgen!  It feels like the raincloud has been on the calendar in Caterpillar class for a long time!

Mrs Hawkins and I miss you all very much and look forward to having fun in the classroom as soon as we can.  Thank you for all the fabulous emails with your wonderful learning, it really is a joy to see.  Incy independent and Clovis will be so proud of all your efforts.


This week we will finish reading our key text, 'I will not ever never eat a tomato' and will find out the trick that Charlie has played on Lola to get her to try new foods.  We will continue to think about shape and will also think about 'more', 'less' and the 'same'.  There will also be a new song to learn to help you with you phonic skills, some cooking, dancing and many more activities.


Over the last couple of weeks you have been thinking really hard about the story and the characters and have been thinking about the trick that Charlie will play on Lola to encourage her to eat her dinner.  Can you remember what your ideas are?  Can you tell your grown up what your ideas are? Remember to use a full sentence maybe with a connective.


I think that.................because...............................


Let's see if your idea was correct.  Here is the story.

That was a great trick Charlie.  He pretended that the food Lola didn't like was something completely different. 

  • The carrots were twiglets from Jupiter
  • The peas were green drops from Greenland
  • The mashed potato was cloud fluff from Mount Fuji 
  • The fish fingers were ocean nibbles    

I think Charlie was really clever to think of his ideas.  I also think that he is a kind and thoughtful big brother to Lola.


Did Lola try a tomato in the end?


Can you remember what Lola called the tomatoes?



Can you think of a food you like, or even one you are not very keen on and draw a picture of it and give it a new silly name?  If you can send me a picture I would love to see your ideas.

What sort of big brother do you think Charlie is?  Why do you think that? Can you explain your ideas with your grown up?


Can you think of any words to describe him?

Can you think of a time when you have been kind and helpful to a friend, brother, sister or your grown up? 

How did it make you feel?

How did it make the other person feel?

Maybe you could do something kind or helpful today.  


Have a look at these emotions cards below.  Use Incy Independent's maginfying glass to notice their faces.  How do you think they feel and why?

Great work.

Now can you have a think about what makes you feel happy.  It maybe a cuddle from a friend, your favourite book, seeing your friends in the park or maybe hot chocolate with marshmallows.  Have a good think and then can you draw me a picture of what makes you feel happy.  

Can you have a think and talk to your grown up about what you could do when someone does something nice for you.

  • Have you ever sent or received a letter in the post to or from someone special?
  • How did it make you feel?

Here is a letter that Lola has written to Charlie after he helped her try some new foods. 

  • How do you think Charlie felt when he received the letter? 


Could you draw and write a letter to a friend or relative and deliver it or send it in the post?


Here is a picture of our rainbow of rights and responsibilities from Caterpillar class.


I know that last week Incy showed you her headphones that she uses to manage distractions and do her very best learning.  I know that you have been using them as well to help you with your best learning at home.


Can you find the orange part of the rainbow?

It says that we will do our best to help other do their best.

Maybe this week you could really put your headphones on and show the people in your house your best learning and playing.  I don't have a real pair of headphones so I use a pretend pair that I put on when I am concentrating on my learning.  Today my headphones are orange with stars on!

Now for some maths work.  I would like you to warm up your fabulous counting heads and count the fruits in the picture below.  Remember to use your finger to touch each fruit as you go so you don't lose count.  You can have a go at writing the correct numeral in the air or on paper.

Excellent counting

We are now going to think about 'more', 'less' and the 'same'.  Which of the plates below do you think has more pieces of fruit and which has less.  After you've had a think there is a video for you to watch to find out.  After watching the video maybe you could find some dry pasta, lego bricks, buttons or anything you have around the house and have a go yourself.  You could have a plate with more objects and one with less objects.  Remember to count really carefully to find more and less.  

We have been thinking a lot about different kinds of foods over the last few weeks and where our foods come from.  Hopefully our tomato plants that we planted will begin to grow soon and we can try a tomato (or moonsquirter very soon).  Here is a recipe for some delicious flapjack.  If you have the ingredients and the time you could make it and let me know if you liked it.

I'm sure you have been practising your ball skills that Mrs Hawkins showed you over the last couple of weeks.  I know she has been practising in school and she hasn't given up, even when its been really tricky.  Maybe she should put her rocket of the door.

Now for a boogie! 

Here is a link to Oti showing us some brilliant moves.  Can you see if you can follow her and join in?

Hickory Dickory Dong

I know how much you like to learn a new rhyme each week and sing it to your friends and family so here is a new one for you.  It is a familiar rhyme with a bit of a twist.  You can listen to it as you learn the rhyme.  Can you now try to think of some new rhyming words to make your own verse to the silly rhyme.  You could phone a friend or grandparent and sing them the new silly rhyme.

Good luck!

I know that you have been busy strengthening the muscles in your hands with lots of busy hand activities.  The stronger these muscles become, the easier it will be for you to hold and use a pencil.  Keep your hands busy playing with lego, playdough, drawing and colouring or even using a pair of tweezers for move pieces of pasta.  Here are some pencil control challenges for you.  Can you also try to make the shapes of the letters in your name.  You could do this in the air, in the bubbles in the bath or with a pencil on paper.  Are you holding the pencil correctly?  Pinch it near the bottom of the pencil with your thumb and forefinger and tuck your other fingers into your palm.


Here is a fruit eye spy for you.

Which is your favourite fruit?

Have you tried all of these fruits?

I spy with my little eye something beginning with ..............

You have been doing some brilliant shape work over the last couple of weeks and I am sure you are now all shape experts.  Can you go around your house and see which shapes you can find.  Remember to look everywhere, shapes are all around us.

Here is a shape challenge for you.  Can you continue the repeating shape pattern.  Maybe you could challenge yourself to create your own repeating shape pattern.

Here is a video of the story of 'I will not ever never eat a tomato'.  After you have watched it can you think and tell your grown up of your 3 favourite parts of the story and why they are your favourite parts.

After all that brilliant learning I think you should spend time relaxing with this rainbow relax kids.  I miss enjoying relax kids in the classroom with you and look forward to doing it again soon with you.

Next week is half term so there will no home learning posted online but we will start a brilliant new key text beginning the week of the 22nd February.

We really do understand how difficult it is for you and your child not to have the routine of nursery and to see their friends.  You are doing an amazing job and remember these times will come to an end and Mrs Hawkins and myself can hardly wait to welcome you all back when it is safe to do so. If you would like to contact Mrs Hawkins or Mrs Snelling please phone the school or email about any concerns or to share your children's home learning celebrations .

Week beginning 1st February 2021 


Welcome back to another week of home learning Caterpillars. Mrs Snelling and I have loved getting your emails and seeing what you have been getting up to at home. It is very clear to us both that you are really using your Incy Independent skills, especially your noticing and managing distractions skills. I'm thinking that we will need to put a lot of marbles in the jar when we can all return! 


This week we are going to continue learning about shapes, I would also like us to revisit the story that we started last week, "I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato" this time spending some time looking at the different foods Lola says she doesn't like to eat. As promised, Mrs Budgen and I had a go at some throwing and catching (wearing disposable gloves!) I also have a story about where in the world different foods come from, as well as some foods that you can sort into "all the time foods" and "I need a little of these foods."  

Then I have a survey that you do at home, not one but two rhymes (!) some reading activities, a shape hunt and a few other bits and pieces for you to try out. 

Well done to you and your grown ups, you are all doing brilliantly. 

Okay, lets remind ourselves of how the story started last week. Listen again and think about what kind of trick Charlie might be thinking of playing on Lola. 

Underneath are the pages, where Lola tells Charlie all the foods she does not like to eat. Have a close look and tell your grown ups if there are any foods on there that you like to eat. Can you explain why? Maybe you could use this sentence starter to get you going...

I like... because

I like to eat... because...

I wonder if you can have a go at reading these pages with your grown up. You can point to the pictures of the food and say what they are. I wonder if you can see any letters that you recognise, maybe a letter from your name? 

Now, I'd like you to choose one of those foods to draw and label. Start by thinking about the shape of the foods you are going to draw, do you need to add any extra detail? What colours are these foods normally? 

When you are totally satisfied with your drawing, why not have a go at writing a label. Can you hear the first sound in the word?

*if that's a bit tricky you might try giving a choice of two sounds *

Remember to hold your pencil between your thumb and forefinger. 

Okay, now time for our first rhyme of the week. 

All this talk about food is making me hungry! It got me thinking about this story about where food comes from all around the world. Have a listen and then see if you have any of the foods in the story. 

Then I started thinking about different types of food and which foods we should eat to help us grow and become healthy. Watch the little video underneath and then have a go at the activity. 

Now let's see if you can find out what your family enjoy eating, you can make your own survey if you like, putting different foods in. Make a mark next to each food and then count them up at the end. Maybe you could have a go at writing the numeral. Which was the most popular food? Where they any foods that nobody chose? 

You could use what you found out to help with the second rhyme this week...

Here are some shopping lists that you can have a go at reading, do you recognise any letters from you name? 

You could use these to play a shopping game, you could see if you could clap the syllables in each of the words or how about writing your own list

Another way we can help our bodies is to rest and get plenty of sleep! In Caterpillar class, we take time to pause in the day which a massage or a relax kids. 

Below are a few ideas that you might like to try at home. 

Okay, let's come back to our story. I found a letter when I got to school. Have a read and see if you can help. 

Oh Caterpillar class, do you think you might be able to help Charlie? What might you say to him? I wonder if you could write a letter with your ideas and send it to Charlie? 

Do you remember last week, we started thinking about shapes? Well, I'd like us to continue with that this week. I have a game you can play using the language structure of explanation

I think...because...

I know...because...

Then a couple of shape activities for you you develop your sorting skills as well as a shape hunt around your house or even as part of your daily walk

Now another way to help our bodies, is to stay active! Last week I showed you how to develop your catching skills, this week I have had some help from Mrs Budgen to help with our aiming skills when throwing. Have a little look at the video and see if you can have a go at this too. 

That's the gross motor and then underneath are some cutting skills for our fine motor skills. 

That's it for this week Caterpillar class. I hope you have lots of fun having a go at those activities. I feel sure that those of you who had your Incy headphones at the story on Friday, will want to have them at the ready so that you can continue to develop your managing distractions skills! 

Mrs Snelling and I are missing you all so much and can't wait until we are all back together enjoying our learning, laughter and fun together. 

With love from Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Snelling 

Week beginning 25th January 2021

Welcome back to another week of home learning Caterpillar class! Do hope that you managed to get out for some exercise at the weekend and didn't get too soggy sog pog!

Mrs Snelling and I are really enjoying receiving your email updates, so please do keep them coming.

We will definitely need to get the birthday train out when we can all return! 

This week, we are going to start our second key text, I won't give you the title yet as I'd like you to do a little bit of predicting first! I also had a rather strange delivery that I will tell you all about. Maths this week is all about shape and so is the rhyme of the week. As it's so very close to the end of January, we can also start thinking about planting some seeds, so I'll show you how to do that. 

Then a few favourites, relax kids, some massage and some catching skills. 

Please do remember that these activities are here for you and you child to enjoy at a time and pace that suits all the things you trying juggle. Playing games, cooking and sharing stories are just as important. The key message is; do what you can, when you can! And if this week, it's too much, then please, please don't worry. 



So we are going to start our learning this week by looking at an illustration. 

Do you think you could get your Incy magnifying glass out, remember to give it a quick polish! 

I would like you to talk about what you notice. You could use the sentence starter; "I notice..."

I wonder who the child is? 

What might she be thinking/feeling? 

Have a go at using the language structure of deduction

"I think she is feeling...because..." 


I wonder if you can have a go at being the character, can you fold your arms and close your eyes like she is? 

Maybe you could have a go at telling your grown up what she is thinking and what she might be saying. 

Here are two bubbles, a speech bubble and a thought bubble. 

Now Caterpillars, I have a feeling some of you might know who this character is. That's right it's Lola and you won't believe this but she does not like tomatoes!! I wonder which part she doesn't like? 

Do you like tomatoes? Do you think you could tell your grown up why you like them or why you don't like them. See if you can use because to explain your thinking. 

Then have a listen to the first part of the story underneath. 

Interesting Caterpillars! 

I'd like us to have another look at the illustration of Lola now and I have a few things I'd like you to think about. 

Does she remind you anyone? 

What do we already know about her? 

Would you like to meet her? I wonder what you might say to her if you did meet her. 

Does anything puzzle you about her - do you want to ask her any questions? 

Here, you could use the language structure of explaining

"It is...because..."

"I think...because..."

Okay, so here is a relax kids that you can listen to. We always feel so good after listening to one of these in Caterpillar class. 

Now here is some Maths learning for this week. 

First I have a film for you to watch, as you are watching, can you use your Incy magnifying glass to tell your grown up which shapes you notice. 

Then there is a clip about how to make your own tangram shapes

Here are a couple more shape activities that you could try. 

You could also go on a shape hunt around your home! 

With the shape drawing you could have a go at drawing the shapes in a tray of flour, or using a stick in the mud, or if you have a large paintbrush and a bucket of water, you could paint outside on the ground. 

And now for something a little bit silly! Watch the video underneath and maybe you could have a go at making your own shape pizza! 

As promised here is a massage that you can try out on your grownups, a teddy or a piece of soft fabric.'ve had a delivery! 

Okay Caterpillars, let's see if we can get you moving! I wonder if you can think about all the balls skills we have been learning. Why not show your grown up how you can catch a ball. I had a go underneath to help you remember the skills you'll need to use. 

I'd like us to come back to thinking about Lola and the food that she doesn't like to eat.

Do you like tomatoes? 

Here's a little clip of cutting some tomatoes, I wonder if you could watch it and then have a go at drawing some tomatoes, try drawing the inside too. 

When you've done that, why not try eating some. 

Can you describe how they taste and smell?

And now for a bit of an planting, you could have a go at doing this at home as well. Now is the perfect time to start planting tomato seeds, maybe we can convince Lola that they are delicious. 

Here's something a little messy, I'm sure if you have a little brother or sister they will also really enjoy this! 

We really hope you enjoy the learning this week. If you or your grownups have any questions, please do ask them to email us and we will do our very best to help. 

Mrs Snelling and I are missing you all and can't wait for us all to be safely together again in Caterpillar class. 

Looking forward to story time on Friday, wondered if you'd like to sing some of rhymes from the rhyme of week book too. 

Week beginning January 18th 2021

Good morning to you all.  I hope you have had a good week of learning at home and are able to get out and go for a walk in between the rain.  Here is the learning for the week, please dip in and out as you have time.  We would love to hear from you all so please send pictures of your learning or any other news you would like to share.  The email address is


Remember to be kind to yourselves, we know that you are

juggling many things and that it is hard work being at home

with young people.  Everything that you will be doing will be

supporting your child in their development.  Playing games,

going for a scoot around the block, reading, watching Mr

Tumble, counting lego blocks, having a treasure hunt, singing rhymes,

getting dressed and helping with the household chores all help.  


This week we will read all of Handa's Surprise and focus on different parts of the story and answer questions using full sentences. We will also role play the story pretending to be different characters. In maths we will find different ways to share objects with our friends.  We will continue to explore the continent of Africa as well as some singing and busy hand activities.


Last week Mrs Hawkins read you the story of Handa's Surprise and we found out the animals took the fruit our of Handa's basket.  That was a surprise, I feel sad that Handa will have nothing to give to her friend Akeyo when she arrives.We are now going to watch the whole the story and I will put some questions for you at the end of the film.  Remember to answer the questions with a full sentence and try to use a connective to explain your ideas.



Well that was a surprise!


Was that was you thought would happen?

How do you think Handa felt when she looked in her basket and found the tangerines?

Why do you think Handa wanted to surprise her friend Akeyo?

Can you remember all the animals in the story - don't forget the goat!

Which one is your favourite fruit and why?

What do you think Handa and Akeyo did after the story ended?


I wonder if you can now retell the story of Handa's Surprise trying to remember all of the fruits and all of the animals.  Below are some pictures to help you retell the story.  When you tell your story can you use the language of first, next, then and last.  You could ask your grown up to film you retelling the story and send it myself and Mrs Hawl

Brilliant story telling.  If you can you print and cut out these pictures and make stick puppets to retell the story.  If you don't have lolly sticks you could use tea spoons or pencils

I know that last week you were thinking about the country of Kenya which is in the continent of Africa.  Kenya is the country that Handa and Akeyo live.  You thought last week about things that are the same and things that are different about Kenya and the United Kingdom, where we live. Here is a picture of the continent of Africa and also of the whole world.

Can you see where the country of Kenya is?

What other things can you notice on this map of Africa?

Can you find out any facts about the continent of Africa or the country of Kenya and email me to let me know?

Here is one for you - Kenya is home to the fastest moving animal on land in the world.  It can run 120 kilometres an hour.  Do you know what it is?

Its a cheetah!

Brilliant work so far Caterpillars.  Okay, here are a couple of Go Jetters clips for you to watch and find out more about Africa. Click on the links below to watch.

Below are two songs.  They are from a group called Ladysmith Black Mambazo.  They are a group from South Africa which is another country at the bottom of Africa.  I thought it would be lovely to listen to them and maybe even try to move like some of the animals from Handa's Surprise as you listen.  How do you think the elephant would move, how about the parrot and the giraffe.  Have a go at moving in different ways while you listen to the music.

Below are some traditional African patterns.  Have a really close look at them.

Which one do you like best and can you say why?

Which shapes can you see in the patterns?

What is your favourite colour used in the pattern?


Can you try and create your own African pattern using any materials you have at home, pens, crayons, pencils, paints, cutting from magazines.  Good luck - ask your grown up to take a picture and send it to me so I can see your wonderful work.

Now for some phonics.  Here is a song, Professor Brain, to help you explore some sounds your body can make.  Maybe you could add some more verses with your own ideas and sounds.  Now you are an expert singing the song you can teach it to your family!

Okay, brilliant work so far Caterpillars.  Now I would like you warm up for some maths and number work.  Can you try these number challenges before the main task?

Clap 8 times

Pat your legs 6 times

Turn around 4 times

Nod your head 10 times

Count 1-10 really slowly

Count 1-10 really quickly

Jump up and down 9 times


Terrific.  Now I would like you to watch the video and then see if you can find 4 

objects, they can be any objects - lego, dry pasta, apples, buttons, biscuits.  Can 

you now share the objects out with 2 soft animals or with yourself and your

grown up or even 2 plates.


How many different ways can you share out your objects?  Does the total always

stay the same?


Over the week you could try this activity with different objects and amounts.

I wonder if you have ever had a wonderful surprise from a friend or from your family.  How did it make you feel?

Can you look closely at the pictures below of Akeyo when Handa arrived with her surprise and they share the surprise - the tangerines.

Look closely at their faces.  How do you think they are feeling?

I think Akeyo would like to write a thank you card to Handa for being such a kind and thoughtful friend.  Have you ever made a thank you card for someone?  It's really fun to send and card and even better to receive a card.

Can you make a thank you card for a friend with a wonderful drawing and try to write your name and even a little message.

Here are a few ideas for you and also a range of printable thank you cards.

Last week Mrs Hawkins gave you a recipe for some no cook playdough which you may have been able to make and enjoy.  Its really important to strengthen the muscles in your hands and fingers to help you with your drawing, writing and holding a pencil.  There are lots and lots of activities that you can do to help with fine motor control.  Below are a range of activities that you can try.  You can change and adapt the activities as I know that its not always easy to find the resources.  Playing with lego and duplo will do the just as well!

Here is the rhyme of the week.  We will also send it to you on ping.  

Happy singing!

Below are some cards with some 'Would you rather' questions.  Can you use your wonderful language and give your answer to your grown up with a full sentence and remember to explain your ideas and thoughts using 'because'

Here are two 'spot the difference pictures'.  Can you use Incy's magnifying glass to have a really good look at the picture and notice the differences?

After all of that brilliant learning it would be lovely to listen and enjoy a relax kids so lay down, close your eyes and relax.

Have a brilliant week and remember that you can contact Mrs Snelling and Mrs Hawkins on the email with any questions or to share what you are doing at home.

Week beginning 11th January 2021

Hello Caterpillars, I do hope you were able to get out for a nice walk or bike ride at the weekend. It was lovely to see you for a story on Friday and I will set up another one for us this week as well. 

Mrs Snelling and I have loved seeing all the things you have been up to, so please do keep the emails coming. 

This week we are going to continue to explore Handa's Surprise. I hope you didn't have a sneaky peek! We will be having a look at some photographs from Kenya and looking at a map of Africa. 

We have also got some phonics, along with making some musical instruments.

There is also a recipe for some non-cook playdough to support some busy hands activities as well as some maths, where we are continuing to develop counting skills. 

Please don't underestimate all the things you will be doing at home that support every area of the Early Years Curriculum. Everything from helping to get dressed in the morning, playing games together, digging in the garden, sharing stories, singing songs, building with construction toys such as Lego, cooking and counting and matching socks as they come out of the wash, will all support your child's development!


Okay, so last week we looked at the front cover of Handa's Surprise. Today I have part of the story for you to listen to. During the book I ask some questions, so you can pause the story at any point and have a chat with your grown up. 

The questions are to help with our prediction skills. Try and answer your questions in a full sentence and have a go at using because to explain your thinking a little further. 


I think...will happen because...

Maybe...will happen...because...

Well, Caterpillars! I don't know about you but I was not expecting that to happen! 

I wonder what will happen now?

I wonder how Handa will feel when she discovers all the fruit has gone?

How else could she surprise her friend?

Maybe you could draw a picture of a different surprise and email it to us. 

So, in the story there were some animals, and to carry on practicing your fantastic drawing and or painting skills, I have put photos of the animals below. Think about the different shapes you could make for each of the parts of the animals. Which colours could you use? Remember to hold the pencil between your thumb and forefinger.

Let's come back to the story now, where do you think it might be set? 

What is the same and what do you think is different? 

This story is set in Kenya which is a country in Africa. Let's take a closer look...

Click on the link below and fly from Brighton to Kenya on Google Earth. 

Once you've had some time exploring the maps and Google Earth, I have some photographs for you to look at. I'd like you to get your Incy Independent magnifying glass out and see what you notice? Some are photos of Kenya and some are England, where we live! 

We will send you out the new rhyme of the week so look out for that on ping.  We will put new activities on next Monday 11th for you to share and enjoy together.


Have a great week and please keep in touch with us if you have any questions or queries.  Both Mrs Snelling and Mrs Hawkins are in school all week so we will try to respond as quickly as we can.  I found this in my new favourite book, 'The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse' and thought it was perfect for how we may be feeling.

Now let's have a go at something to get our hands strong! 

below is a recipe for making some playdough, hopefully the ingredients will be easy to get hold of. 


When you've made the playdough with your grown up, you could have a go at exploring different ways of changing the shape and size of it. 

Can you so these to the playdough

Squash, squeeze, roll, push, poke, press, twist, cut, pinch

What else could you do? 

Now time for the Rhyme of the week (I will also ping this to you as normal) 

Have a listen to the track below. 

Now some of you might have some instruments at home but I thought it might be fun to try and make some instruments to play along with this week's rhyme! 

You could have a look on these two websites to help you

I wonder if you might be able to have a go at repeating the rhythm.

Could you have a go at making and loud and quiet sounds with your instruments?

Ask your grownup to be a conductor and give you start and stop signs. 

And now for some maths. 

Have a go at the active challenges below to get you warmed up. 

Can you remember how many pieces of fruit Handa had in her basket?

Do you think you could collect 7 pieces of fruit (this could be anything, not just fruit!) then put them in a box or a bowl.

Then have a go at counting out 3 of these, pointing to each one as you say a number name. I wonder if you can arrange them in the shape of the Numicon plate?

Now put the fruits back and try with a different amount. If you can keep going.

You might want to return to a number if your child is getting a little stuck on the order of the numbers.

The objective of this activity to to be able to count up to 6 objects from a larger group and to be able to say a number name for each object. 

I've put the Numicon plates below to remind you of each shape. 

And finally, back to our story. 

Have another listen to the story so far (below is a recording without the questions) 

I's like you to listen out to see if you notice how the author describes the fruit in the story?

Did she just write, banana. If you're not sure why not have another listen. 

Why not see if you can describe some of the fruits that you might have at your house. 

I've also put some images of fruits.

Think about

What do they look like? (shape and colour) how do they look inside? is it the same or different?

How do they feel?

Can you smell anything?

Do you know what they taste like? 


Here are a couple of videos we made last year that will also be familiar to the Caterpillar class, so well worth a look. 

A few other ideas of things that we will have out in the environment next week that you could try out at home.

How about setting up a fruit and vegetable shop (this could be with real food, pretend food you might already have, or drawings of fruit) you could have bags or a purse/wallet and maybe some paper to mark make a shopping list. 

If you have some children's scissors at home, you could try making small snips across a piece of paper. If this is too easy, you could try drawing a line for children to follow. 

Dice games

Puzzles and turn-taking games

Happy New Year Caterpillars!

Week beginning 4th January 2021


We are going to be learning from our homes until we are able to meet again in Caterpillar class.  Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Snelling know that you will try your very best and we look forward to seeing you as soon as we can for some fun,

laughter and learning.


If you would like to send us a picture of your learning or of any activities you are busy with at home we would love to see.


The activities below are for you to enjoy together and we

don't want you to feel any pressure to complete them.  We know that there will be lots of juggling of life, work and childcare. If you are able to spend time playing games, reading books together and sharing your child's favourite activities, that is brilliant.  For the children at school we will focus on the key text tasks and the maths tasks, so the remote learning reflects the learning in school.  The other activities will be available in the environment to explore and learn.

This term our key text is going to be Handa's Surprise.  Over the coming weeks we will dig deep into the story and explore many different activities.  This week we are only going to explore the front cover so if you have the story at home, try not to peek inside!

I want you to have really close look at the front cover. I've got some questions for you to have a think about with your grown ups.  Remember to try to answer in a full sentence, maybe even with a because in the middle.

What do you think the book is about?

Can you tell me why?

Do you know what a surprise is?

Have you ever had a surprise or have you ever surprised anyone else?

What do you think surprise might be in the story?

I thought it might be fun to practice your fantastic drawing skills.  If you have any fruit or vegetables could you try and draw them.  Think carefully about the shape and the colour of them.  Remember to hold the pencil between your thumb and forefinger.  Could you ask for some help to cut them in half and have a really close look at the patterns inside.  


Does the inside look like you thought it would or is it different?

Maybe this week you could challenge yourself to try a new fruit or vegetable?

Which fruits below have you tried and which are your favourites?

Can you put your brilliant counting heads on?  This song may help you.

 In class we have been looking at the numicon plates and deciding which ones represent each number.  Here is a reminder.  Can you count them in order and remember the number of holes in the numicon plate is its number.

Now for a quiz about the numicon plates-

What colour is number 3?

Is number 5 red or blue?

How many holes does the pink plate have?

What number comes after the yellow plate?

How many holes does number 9 have?

If you have some lego bricks, pasta pieces or beads can you count out 1, then 2, then 3 all the way to 5 and maybe even to 10.  Good luck!

Now you have your amazing counting heads on, can you count the different fruits below.  Remember to use your finger to touch each piece of fruit as you count.

Can you now hunt around your home for objects that are the colours below.  Which one is your favourite colour?

Next time you are able to go out for a walk or play in the garden can you try some of these maths challenges?  Good luck!

Can you search closely at the picture below and play I spy?  

Can you now find how many of each object there are hiding in the picture?

Below are some patterns.  Can you try and make the patterns in the air as big as you can and then get smaller and smaller.  Maybe now you can try to make the patterns on paper.  Remember to hold the pencil between your thumb and forefinger and tuck your others away behind.

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