Nursery - Home Learning

Week beginning 6th July 2020

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope you've had a great week and have managed to enjoy being outside in between all the showersHere are some more ideas for home learning for the week.  

After listening to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and watching the film last week.  I wonder if you are able to retell the story with as much detail as possible using the pictures below to help you. 

As always remember to use the language of

first, next, then and finally.


Great work.  Now can you think of your three favourite parts of the story and draw and write about them.  Try to add as much detail as possible to your drawings and writing.  I think one of my favourite parts is when the caterpillar nibbles his way out of the cocoon and is a beautiful butterfly!

Have you got your counting heads on?  Below are some of the fruits that the caterpillar ate.  Can you add them together and write your answer either in the sky or on paper if you have some. If you can use objects to help you add the 2 groups together it will help.  Lego. buttons, dried pasta.  Anything you have will do.

Remember to explain you answers using the language of addition

I had 1 and added another 1 and now I have 2. 

1 + 1 = 2

As you have your counting heads on, can you see how many of each thing for the story you can find in this I spy.

Good luck!.

Below is some more maths for you to enjoy.  Can you count the holes on the 2 numicon shapes and then work out what the total is of the 2 numicon plates added together.


Count carefully.

With this challenge you will need to count the objects and see if you can match it to the correct numeral.  Use your finger to help count and look closely at the numbers to find the matching one.

Here is another story about the life cycle of a butterfly.  It is written by Vivien French, the same author that wrote 'Yucky worms' and also has lots of information so listen carefully and we can find out lots of new knowledge together.

Caterpillar Butterfly


Next time you go on a walk or go into your garden, can you collect a range of natural objects to make a caterpillar.  Have a look at the picture below and see if you can make a caterpillar from the items you found.  Can you now find natural objects to create a butterfly?

Below is a game that you can play with your grown up if you are able to print it off.  Be careful to count the dots on the dice, use your finger to touch each of the dots as you count.

Now I would like you to practise the formation of the numbers we know the rhymes to.  Can you write them with you magic finger in the air, on you hand or on your grown ups back.  Your grown up could guess which number you are writing on their back.  If you have some shaving foam, bubble bath or washing up liquid you could put a little on a tray and practise writing them.  Remember to say the rhyme as you write the numbers.

Enter text...

Okay, now you are going to warm up your finger and hand muscles and try these pencil control activities.  Remember to try to hold your pencil by pinching near the nib with your thumb and forefinger and tuck your other fingers behind.  Try not to grip the pencil too hard.   You could practice first with the patterns in the sky.

Now your fingers are really warm and ready to go, can you write your name trying really hard to form each letter correctly.  Brilliant work  

Now for a challenge.  Here are some cards with challenges.  Pick and choose which ones you can do.  Maybe you can think of some of your own challenges to complete in one minute.


Here is some beautiful music to listen to along with a story.  I hope you enjoy it.  Where would you fly to if you were a butterfly?

Last week we did lots of rhyming activities.  This week I would like you to practice oral segmenting.  See if you can say all the sounds in the pictures below in your best Metal Mike voice!


This is going to be the last week of remote learning.

Have a wonderful summer before your child embarks on all the wonderful new adventures ahead in Reception.  Please do call or email if you have any questions or concerns.


Week beginning June 29th 2020

Welcome to another week of home learning.  I hope that you've been able to enjoy the sunshine.


Caterpillars, we are going to read a new book this week, I think its definitely one that you will know very well.  I know that Clovis will be pleased we are reading it!!


As I read it see if you can remember as many parts of the story as you can.

We have been thinking about patterns over the last couple of weeks and you have completed some activities on repeating patterns with lego bricks.

Here is a new pattern challenge.  Can you look closely at the caterpillars and decide what colour will come next.  Can you now draw your own caterpillar with lots of circles and create your own repeating pattern with 2, 3 or even 4 different colours.

Good luck!

Have a chat with your grown ups about any information that you already know about caterpillars and butterflies.


Where do they live?

What do the eat?

What colour are they?

Have you ever seen a caterpillar or a butterfly?


Over the next couple of weeks I will try to answer some of your questions.  If you have any you would like to ask me you can email them and we can find our together.


Here are a couple of clips that will help you find out some more information about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Now you know lots more information about the life cycle of a butterfly.  

Below is some information which might help you.

Can you tell your grown up the life cycle of a butterfly?

Maybe you could now draw a picture of the 4 stages.

Which picture comes first?


Now to keep your fingers nimble!!

Are you able to go on a walk or go into your garden and collect the biggest leaf that you can find.

Now ask your grown up if they have a hole punch to make some holes around the edge.  You may remember we've done this in Caterpillar class many times.

If so now you could thread the leaf with a shoe lace or some wool that you have.

Here is the film of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. What is your favourite part and why is that your favourite part?

Can you tell your grown up the main parts of the story?  Remember to use the language of first, next, then and finally.

When we are in the Caterpillar class we look at the day, month and year every day when we say hello at carpet time. 

Can you remember any of the days of the week?

Do you know what day it is today?

Over the week the very hungry caterpillar ate different foods on the different days of the week.

Can you keep a diary like the one below for a week of the foods you eat and draw and write about them?

Which day did you have your favourite food?

I hope that you enjoyed the book last week of the rhyming rabbit.  Did you manage to find any rhyming words in the stories that you enjoy reading at home?

Here are some more rhyming activities for you to explore and enjoy.


Can you find the 2 pictures that rhyme.  Say them out loud so you can hear that they sound the same at the end.


Excellent work.

Now can you find the odd one out.  The object that doesn't rhyme with the others.  Again, say it out loud and then you can hear the sound of the words.  

Brilliant work Caterpillars.  Now I would like you to look at the following rhyming strings and see if you can carry them on with any other words that rhyme.  They can be real words or nonsense words as you continue the rhyming string.

Here is a new song for you to learn and enjoy and you can also teach your grown ups.  Can you think of any actions to add to the song and you sing it?

Now for this weeks maths challenge. 

Can you put on your clever counting heads and have a go?

In the pictures below there is a missing number. 

Can you be number detectives and work out which number in the sequence is missing?

Can you use your magic finger to write the missing number in the air, on the back of your hand or on paper with a pencil?

Try and remember the number rhymes to help you.

Here is the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Carle, reading his book. I hope you enjoy listening to him read the story.

There is lots of wonderful artwork that you could explore with the hungry caterpillar.  Can you have a look around your house and see if you have any junk model or resources to create your favourite part of the story.  It could be the caterpillar, the butterfly or the food that he nibbles.  

Here are a few ideas to give you inspiration.

Have a wonderful week together and please do email if you have any questions or concerns.  We miss you every day and hope to see you soon.

Week beginning June 22nd 2020

Happy Monday to all the wonderful Caterpillars.  I hope that you had a great week and are ready for another week of sunshine and home learning.

Here are some activities and suggestions, please don't feel any pressure to complete them all.

Now that you are really familiar with the story of Jack and the beanstalk, can you retell the story to a grown up or to your favourite teddy?

Remember to use the language of first, next, then and finally as you retell the story.

Here are some pictures to help you with the retelling.

Brilliant storytelling.

Now I would like you to draw a story map and add your own pictures and writing about the main events of the story of Jack and the beanstalk.

Here is an example of a story map but you can add the main parts of the story that you would like to.  Don't forget to listen for the sounds in the pictures you draw and use the sound mat to help.

Here is my story map with the main parts of the story on.  Can you use it to retell the story?

I have received a letter and would like to show you.  

It's from Jack and he would like some help from you.  Please can you help.

What would you do?

What do you think Jack should do?

I was wondering if you could maybe draw a picture of the giant and make a wanted poster so we can warn other people to look out for him!  You can make him look like whatever you want to.  You could add his name and maybe some information about what he looks like.

Now put your counting heads on and you might need to borrow Incy Independents magnifying glass to have a really super look at these pictures and count the objects from the story.

As you've got your counting heads on, here is a maths challenge. Can you add these two groups of objects together?  Remember if you can use objects, dry pasta, stones, buttons, anything you have it will help you. 

Here is the rhyme of the week.  Can you learn it and teach it to the grown ups in your house?


I really miss playing outside with you on the bikes and trikes, creating different obstacle courses around the playground and practising our ball skills.  Do you think that you can work with your grown ups or brothers and sisters and work on your ball skills.  Can you catch and throw the ball remembering to look, not throw to high and keep you hands close together.

Good luck!

Last week we were thinking about one more than and you had an activity to count and then add one more to the total.  This week we are going to think again about one less than.

Here is a challenge and an activity to complete.  Remember to use real objects as you count so you can see the amount change as you find one less than.

You could write the answers either in the air with your magic finger or on paper if you have some to hand.

Also, can you work hard to use the correct language in your answer


'I had 9 and one less is 8.  One less than 9 is 8'

Fantastic counting.  Now for a challenge... can you now find more more and one less with the next activity.

We have chatted lots and lots in Caterpillar class about alliteration.  Its when words start with the same sound.  An example could be:

Freddie and Freida the feathered flying funky fish.


Can you think of your own sentence with lots of the words starting with the same sound?

Here is a poster with lots of things that start with an S sound.  Can you add to them with other words beginning with S to make a silly sentence?

You have been working so hard, here is a yoga session for you.

Now for some time to be creative.  Here are a couple of ideas for you if you have the resources.  If you don't have these bits and bobs you can change and adapt  or choose and create your own art and craft.

Now look really closely at this picture and see you can can find all the things that are at the bottom of the page.

I have been around my house searching for objects that have 3 sounds.  Can you name all the objects and then play I spy with your grown up and instead of giving just the initial sound, can you try and give all the sounds in the objects.


'I spy with my little eye and objects with the sounds h - a - t'


Maybe you could go around your house and find some similar objects to play the game with.

Here is another one of our silly phonic songs that we enjoy singing in Caterpillar class.  Have a listen and see if you can learn the song.

Now I will read you a different version of Jack and the beanstalk.  Have a listen and see if you can tell your grown up if there are any differences with the story that I read last week.

Have a terrific week together and please remember that you can email or call if you have any concerns at all.

Week beginning 15th June 2020

I hope you had a wonderful week and have enjoyed the home learning this week.

I thought I would start the week off by showing you a picture.  Have a really good look at the picture below.  

Do you think you could use your pretend magnifying glass and look closely at the picture before telling your grown up all you see?

Who do you think the boy is?

What do you think he is doing?

How do you think he is feeling?

Do you think you know what story the picture is from?

We are now going to put our brilliant counting heads on.  

Are you ready?

Do you think that you can find the number that is one more than?

So can you find 10 objects, pasta, buttons, lego bricks, grapes, anything you have to hand that will help you count.  Can you count the objects below and then say what is one more than.  You can write your answer in the sky with your magic finger or try and write the answer on paper if you have some.

Good luck, remember to count carefully and slowly.

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when you made some fantastic minibeasts with things that you had found in your garden or out on a walk?

Do you think you could now create a beanstalk or part of the story with natural objects or things you have in your house?


Would you rather?

Have a close look at the pictures below from the book 'You choose' and have a

think about what you would like to do. 

Can you explain your choice to your grown ups?

Remember to use a full sentence and add because to explain your ideas.

Shaving foam fun!

If you have a tin of shaving foam squirt a little on to a tray or a plate and see if you can explore making marks.  You could try writing your name and maybe the numerals 1-10 as well as exploring lots of different patterns.

Have you been noticing lots of rhyme in the stories that you have been listening to and when you have been playing I spy with rhyming words?

Here is another rhyming challenge with you and a story that has lots of rhyme that you can spot.

Here is the new rhyme of the week to learn and teach your grown ups.

I was dreaming that I had some magic beans and that I planted them.  When I looked out of the window a magical rainbow beanstalk had grown and at the top was a land made out of ice cream.  All of the trees, the flowers, the houses and the animals were all made out of different coloured and flavoured ice cream.

If you had some magical beans, what would you like to grow?

Can you draw a picture and write about your magic beans and what grew? 

After all that learning you could now close your eyes and relax with this relax kids.

Here is a repeating pattern.  Can you look at the pattern and work out what colour comes next? Have you got some lego bricks or buttons that you can sort into 2 colours or 3 colours and made your own repeating patterns?

Here are some magic beans with dots on.  Can you carefully count the dots and find the total on each one.  Remember to touch each dot as you count.


Here is a spot the difference.  There are 6 differences to find.

Good luck!

We have chatted in Caterpillar class many times about the things that are the same and things that are different.  We all have eyes which is the same but our eyes are different colours.  We all have hair which is the same but our hair colour, style and length is different.

Can you have a close look at yourself in the mirror and then draw a picture of yourself thinking carefully about  what makes you special.

I hope you have a brilliant week and please do email if you have any questions, would like to share work or just have a chat.  You are doing a brilliant job and making memories with your child that you will all look back on in the years ahead.

Week beginning June 8th 2020

A very good morning wonderful Caterpillars.

I hope that you have had a wonderful week and have enjoyed observing the changes in the weather over the week.  Here are some activities for you to enjoy with your grown ups. Feel free to send pictures or ask any questions by email, we love to see your ideas and thoughts.


I was thinking about the story of Japser's beanstalk and I was wondering if you

could listen to it again and then retell the story.  This time can you think really

carefully and what happens at the beginning of the story, the middle of the

story and then the end of the story.


What happens in the beginning, middle and end?


Can you get your grown up to film you retelling the story and then watch it back

to see if you remembered all of it in the correct order?


Remember to use first, next, then and finally as you retell the story.

As I listened to the story of Jasper's beanstalk I wondered what else Jasper did in his day. 

Can you think about what you do in your day?

Can you have a think about what you do when you wake up.  What is your morning routine? 

Can you sequence three things that you do in the morning when you wake?

Below are some ideas for you.  Maybe you could draw a picture and write about your routine.

If you have some time and your grown ups have got the ingredients, ( I know that flour is currently more difficult to get hold of than spacedust!) below is a beanstalk playdough recipe.  Maybe you could make a beanstalk out of playdough and add leaves. 

How many leaves can you add and count?

Don't forget to touch each leaf as you count to help you remember the number you are on.



Here is Jasper in his garden, can you look really closely and try to spot the items at the bottom of the page?

What else can you spot?

Here is the second part of the Jasper's beanstalk rhyme.  I hope you are enjoying learning it.

Below are some photos of various different beans and bean plants as they are growing.  Have a good look and see if you recognise any of them?

Have you ever seen a bean plant growing?

Have you ever planted a bean or any other vegetable or flower?

Can you draw a picture of a plant of flower that you have seen growing in your garden or in the park?

Above were some pictures of some beans growing.  Here is some information about the different parts of plants and flowers.  Have you ever seen the different parts of a plant or flower?  Next time you are in the garden or out and about, have a really close look and see if you can name the various parts.

Now for some time to stretch and relax

Now for a maths challenge

Can you draw a beanstalk like the one below and then draw and cut out 10 leaves and write the numerals 1-10 on them before you arrange them in order and count them going up your beanstalk to the top.

You can always challenge yourself and make some more leaves and count up to 15

or 20.

Through the story of Japser's beanstalk, Jasper had days where he was feeling different emotions.  Can you watch the story again and look really closely at his face. 

Can you see his face looks different on different days?  I think some days he was feeling happy, sad, fed up and disappointed.

How are you feeling today?

Can you think of a time when you felt happy, sad, worried, tired or angry?

Below are some photos, look closely at their faces.  What do you think these people are feeling and why?


Here is a fun story on cbeebies radio so snuggle up and listen really carefully.  

Can you tell your grown up what happened in the story?


As we are not able to go to the hall and practice our various writedance moves that help strengthen our hands, fingers and bodies I thought it might be fun for you to have a go at this instead. 

Find a space and enjoy!

To continue to strengthen all the muscles in your hands and fingers I thought it might be fun to try some of these indoor challenges.  You can change them to whatever you might have in your home.


Here is another maths challenge, see if you can add up the 2 groups of objects and maybe use your finger to write the answer in the air or on your hand before you write on a piece of paper.

If you use objects, pasta, lego, buttons it will help you.


Here are some ideas for you to continue practising your knowledge of rhyme.  You can also listen out for rhyming words as you read your favourite books. Below is a picture of some rhyming words.  Can you match them up?

With your grown ups, maybe you could play

'I hear with my little ear something rhyming with .....'

Here is a story for you by Julia Donaldson, Charlie Cooks favourite book.  It's a book with lots of rhyming words.  Can you listen to the story and spot the rhyming words?

Here is another silly song by Al Start.  Can you join in and sing along,maybe teach it to your grown ups!

Have a brilliant week at home learning together 


Week beginning June 1st 2020


Welcome back!  I hope you had a wonderful week and were able to have lots of fun and laughter and enjoy the sunshine.

The remote learning will now look a little different. We will post lots of lovely learning opportunities at the beginning of each week and you are welcome to choose which activities you would like to do at your own speed over the week.  We would still very much love to see you learning and answer your questions so please keep sending them to us.

There is no pressure at all to complete the activities, following the interests of your child and playing alongside them is so valuable.  Please keep in contact and email if you have any questions or concerns at all.


Here is a new book for us to share.  It may be a new book to some or one that you already know.  Listen carefully as there will be lots of questions over the next couple of weeks.


Japser's Beanstalk



Did you notice that the beanstalk grew taller and taller over a long time?

Have a look at the picture below and see if you can tell your grown up which one is the shortest and which one is the tallest.

Who is the tallest person in your house?

Who is the shortest person in your house?

Do you think you could order the people in your house from the shortest to the tallest? Remember to use the correct language, shortest, taller, tallest.


Brilliant.  Now can you make three or more different size towers using duplo, lego, wooden bricks or anything that you have.  Are you now able to order them from the shortest to the tallest?

Can you now make more towers and order them from the shortest to the tallest?

Be careful that you don't build it too tall otherwise it'll topple over!

 Can you build a tower taller than yourself?


Here is a rhyme to help you remember the order of the story.  This is part one, there will be another part next week.

Can you teach the rhyme to your grown ups?


Can you remember the order of events in the Jaspers beanstalk?

Here are some pictures to help you.

Can you retell the story to your grown up or even to your favourite teddy?


In the story of Jasper's beanstalk, he was busy on every day of the week.  When we were in Caterpillar class we would look at what the day was and chat about what we do on each day as well as the changing weather.

Do you think you could keep a diary this week and draw a picture of what you did on each day?  Don't forget to chat about the days of the week with your grown up as you draw your pictures.

I was wondering about what might be at the top of the beanstalk and would love to hear your ideas of what you think would be up there. 

Do you think it would be a friendly giant or maybe a magical land? 

Who would be up there with you? 

Can you draw a picture and write your ideas about what you would like to be at the top of your beanstalk?

Below is a picture that might help your wonderful ideas.


I know what fabulous artists you are and I really enjoyed seeing some of the collage snail artwork and the minibeasts made of natural objects.  I have a new drawing challenge for you.  The next time you are in the garden or go out for a walk could you take a piece of paper and a pencil and draw a flower you see.  If you're not able to get out you could look at the pictures of flowers below.


Have a really good look at the shape of the flower. 

Are all the parts of the flower the same shape and size? 

Can you try to draw it looking really closely.

Give it a go, I know it will be fabulous!


Below are some more ideas to continue with your oral blending and segmenting.  


Here are some stories that I thought might be fun to listen to a cbeebies radio story.  Relax and enjoy.

Here is a colour scavenger hunt that you can do either around your house or out and about if you go for a walk.  Don't forget to draw a picture for each of the colours that you find. 

What is your favourite colour?

Good luck!


I thought it might be fun to close your eyes and listen to a favourite relax kids.

Are you comfortable?


As the weather is so glorious I have been thinking about all things summery and going to the beach and splashing in the sea.  Here are a couple of counting I spy challenges for you.  How many of each item can you count?  Remember to use your fingers to help you count.


Here are some pictures of the life cycle of a pea.  Can you see how it changes over time?  

Have you ever planted a seed and waited for it to grow?

What would be your favourite vegetable to grow and eat?

Can you draw a picture of your favourite vegetables and think about what sounds are in them.  Can you try to write about your favourite vegetable?

Mrs Snelling and Mrs Hawkins miss seeing you all so very much and we miss your happy faces as you explore and learn in Caterpillar class.  I thought this silly song was fun to learn and sing with your grown ups.

Here are some ideas for you to explore and enjoy together either in the house, your garden or next time you're out on a walk.  I bet you are really good at listening for different sounds.  What will you hear?


Friday (Sweetie day) May 22nd 2020


Happy Friday to you all.  I hope that you've had a good week and that you've

been able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. 

I thought you could play spot the difference in the pictures below, you'll need to

look really closely and use your noticing skills like Incy independence has

shown us.  Get out your (imaginary) magnifying glass and off you go!

I bet you were fantastic at noticing the differences.


When we are in Caterpillar class we spend lots of time chatting about your ideas and Mrs Snelling and Mrs Hawkins are always encouraging you to extend your sentences with using 'because' to explain your fabulous ideas.  

Below are some 'Would you rather' questions, see if you can chat with your grown ups and explain your choice with an extended sentence.  Maybe you could make your own would you rather questions?


After a brilliant week of exploring and learning you could have a enjoy this yoga session.  


Next week is half term so there will no remote learning but here are a few ideas

for you.  We will be busy getting ready to post lots of new learning for you after

half term and look forward to seeing all your thoughts and ideas.



Mrs Snelling and Mrs Hawkins

Thursday (Stick your tongue out day) May 21st 2020


Good morning to you all and I hope you are well.  The sun is shining again and it looks like another great day for learning.


Today I thought it would be fun to explore some artwork. We will do some nature art.   We are going to see if we can make a minibeast with natural objects that are found in your garden, out on a walk or around your house.

Below are some pictures of minibeasts that have been made out of sticks, leaves, petals and bits and bobs found outside.

I thought I would have a go myself so I went on a hunt in my garden to find various objects that could be used.  You could ask your grown up to help you go on a hunt in your garden and make a collection.  If you are not able to get outside today then you could make it out of anything you have to hand.

I would love to see your creations so send me a picture if you have time.  They can be based on real minibeasts or ones in your imagination.


I am really missing hearing your fabulous ideas, thoughts and questions and wondered if you were ready for a challenge today?  There are some challenge cards below, how many can you do? Now you could challenge the other people in the house to have a go.  Can you think of your own challenge cards to name 5 things. 

Good luck!

And to finish off today I am going to play the song of Professor Brain as I know its one of our favourites.  Have a listen and see if you remember it and then you can join in with all the actions and sounds.


Have a terrific Thursday

Wednesday (friendsday) May 20th 2020

Good morning, its already Wednesday and the weather looks like its going to be another sunny day to play.

Today I thought we could do some maths and I know that you are all brilliant at counting and are really careful not to go too fast when counting objects.  We are going to think about 

One less

Here is a song to wake up our counting heads.  See if you can sing along and use your fingers to match the number of frogs.

Brilliant - I think I could hear you singing from my garden!

Now watch this monkey, each time he is taking one of the animals away so the zookeeper has one less animal.

What a cheeky monkey.

Can you go and find 5 objects, it could be buttons, pieces of pasta, lego bricks or

anything you can find.  Count them out carefully and then give one to your grown 


How many have you got left?


You have one less.


Now you can count them again and give one to your grown up.


How many have you got now?


You have one less


Keep going until you have no objects left.  If you think you could do it with more than 5 objects that would be brilliant.  Remember to use your super maths language to explain what you are doing.

Excellent work so far.  Here is a video of me playing a one less game.  If you can find a dice and some objects you could play too. 

Have a great Wednesday

See you tomorrow


Tuesday (Woosday) May 19th 2020

Happy Tuesday to you all.  I was having a think about how much I miss you all and especially all the brilliant jokes that you used to love sharing with me and your friends.

So here is a joke that you can share with your grown ups and siblings.


Why did the banana go to the doctors?


Because he wasn't peeling very well


I hope you liked it.  You can always email me your favourite joke to share with Mrs Hawkins.


We have done such a lot of learning about worms over the last couple of weeks

and I was thinking about the letter we got from Eric the worm a couple of weeks

ago.  He was feeling really sad and fed up because he thought everyone thought

he was yucky. 


How do you now feel about worms?


Has this changed since you have found out more about worms?


Do you now think worms are yucky or not yucky?


I thought I would write a letter to Eric to tell him how I felt about worms now.  

I'm sure it would make him feel much happier.


Maybe you could write a letter or draw a picture and send it to Eric the worm. 

I would love to see your ideas and thoughts so you are very welcome to email

them to me.

Have you ever held a worm in your hand?

What do you think it would feel like?

I know that in Caterpillar class one of your favourite things to do with your friends is to explore the playdough table.  Here is a really simple recipe to make playdough with your grown ups if you have the ingredients.

If you are able to make it you could make lots of playdough worms, long ones, shorts ones, wriggly ones.  

Just to finish off I have added a song by the brilliant Al Start. Do you remember some of the silly songs we like to sing together at nursery? This song has lots of rhyming words, I bet you can listen and spot them. 



Have a brilliant Tuesday

Monday (Funday) May 18th 2020

A very good morning to you fabulous Caterpillars and to your grown ups too.  Well I have been following Mrs Hawkins reading the story of Yucky worms and I now know lots of facts about worms and will keep a close eye out for worms when I'm in the garden and in Forest school.

I thought we could start this week by continuing with some oral segmenting and blending.  Below are some pictures with 3 sounds.  Your challenge is to say the sounds in the words and then blend them together to say the whole word.  


Just a reminder that we are not expecting the children to read the letters or

know the letter names but are encouraging them to listen for the sounds they 

can hear.


Brilliant, I'm sure you were able to identify the sounds in the pictures.  Now I have an I spy picture for you to have a really good search and find the pictures.  Once you do, say the word and then listen for the sounds in the words. They are all pictures with 3 sounds.

Good luck!

Terrific work Caterpillars.

We miss your time with you all and especially miss reading you a story and listening to your ideas and thoughts.  As we have been thinking about worms I thought it could be fun to read Superworm.   It took Mrs Snelling lots of times of reading it to get it right and I still get my words in a pickle at the end of the story.  

You could share your favourite part of the story and the reasons why with your grown up.

See you tomorrow.


Friday (Sweetie day) 15th May 2020

Hello again lovely Caterpillars. How are you doing today? Mrs Snelling and I are both missing you all but your emails are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful learning with us. 

Today I have a couple of activities for you to have a go at and a story time. 

Let's start with the rhyme of the week, following on from our shape learning over the last few weeks. Try this one...

And here is a phonics song for you. Like last week, this is all about oral segmenting and blending.

Have a listen to the song and then can you find some objects around your house; tin, cup, mug, hat, pen, box, can. Ask your grown up to segment (break the words up into sounds) and then you can guess which one they are saying by blending the sounds together. 

How about drawing some of these and then writing the sounds that you can hear? Don't forget to use the soundmat to help you. 


And finally today, here is a storytime for you to enjoy. I really hope you have a wonderful weekend. Mrs Snelling will be here next week and I know she has some lovely things planned for you. Take care my little lovebugs! Mrs Hawkins xx

Thursday (Poke your tongue out) 14th May 2020

  Here we are with Thursday's learning Caterpillars! 

First up, I've got the final part of our story, Yucky Worms. 

Then I've got a little close up of those bristles and worm listening.  

And now some yoga, I've really been enjoying these...This one has three different sessions in it, so do come back and try them all out over a few days. 

And now, how do you fancy being  poet? I've got a poem here for you to enjoy, I was thinking about alliteration when I wrote it. I wondered if you would like to compose your own poem about a worm? 

And finally today, how about a spot of threading? It's a firm favourite at the busy hands table in Caterpillar class and you can keep building your hand strength at home too. 

Wednesday (Friendsday) 13th May 2020

Welcome to Wednesday's learning! Today I've got some more maths for you to have a go at. You might want to collect some objects like you did on Monday to help you with your counting. Below are some pictures with different amounts of objects, can you count out the same number of objects and then can you match the numeral on each picture? 

Now let's try that with some Numicon plates...

And finally for our maths learning today, have a go at finding the odd one out in these numberlines. 

Right, now let's have a lovely Relax kids! Maybe you could have a go at some cloud spotting after?

And now back to our worm learning. Have a listen to the next part of the story and then I've answered some more of your worm questions! 

Don't forget to keep sending me your snail art, the ones we've seen so far are amazing! 

Tuesday (Woosday) 12th May 2020

Well, yesterday was a windy day wasn't it? I was thinking about our daily calendar in Caterpillar class and what good weather watchers you all are! 

Today I have a follow up activity from the Snail Trail art book that I posted on Friday (I totally forgot it was a bank holiday!) so if you haven't had a chance to look at that, maybe do that first. 

Then come back and have a look at this activity. 

Mrs Snelling and I can't wait to see your wonderful creations. If you email us a photograph, we can make a virtual exhibition. 


Next up, I've got two more pages with information about worms for you to share with your grown ups.

I wonder what you might find out? Does anything surprise you? 

Finally today, another snail going on an adventure in a garden.

I wonder if you can listen out for the positional language; on, down, up, through, over, into? Then how about making an adventure for one of your toys at home for them to travel around and use the same language.

You could even make a map like the last page in the book. 

Monday (Funday) 11th May 2020

Welcome back to Monday funday Caterpillars. I hope you had a lovely weekend.

How are the worms doing? Don't forget to spray them with a little water and top up their food. 

Today we are going to have a look at some Numicon and get creative in making our own Numicon shapes. 

It's quite a long video, so please do break it up. There are two different sections, looking at the Numicon plates and ordering them and then using household objects to make your own number line. 

I have also put a document with the Numicon on it, so you can refer back to it at any time. 

And now back to our story, Yucky Worms. Here is the next page. 

So now you've listened to that page of the book, I'd like you to have a go at drawing one of the animals that like to eat worms! 

Can you have a go at writing the word too? Remember you can use the soundmat to help you. 

I'll be back tomorrow to make the Snail artwork, so don't forget to have your packets and paper at the ready. 

Friday (Sweetie day) 8th May 2020

Welcome to Friday's learning Caterpillars.  

I thought we would start with our rhyme of the week. 

Now a little story for you to enjoy. 

Once you've had a listen, go back and use your Incy magnifying glass to look at all the artwork that the snail went past. Which is your favourite? Can you think about why you like it? 

Have a go at using the language structure of opinion to share your thoughts

I like this because...

Thought you might also like to see some real snails in action too!

*Grownups - next week I would like the Caterpillars to have a go at making their own snail artwork, so if possible, can you start collecting some different coloured paper or card. I'm going to use any empty packets or boxes I have around the house. *

And here is the first set of your wonderful questions being answered! 

Worms out on a rainy night
Worms out on a rainy night

Thursday (stick your tongue out day!) 7th May 2020

Hello Caterpillars! How are you doing today? It looks like it might be a lovely sunny day today, so I thought we could have a go at some Writedance!

There are two films underneath. The first one will get your whole body warmed up, I'd do it a couple of times.

Then move onto the next film, which will help you with your fine motor skills, just like our busy hands activities in Caterpillar class



Moving on... 

We've been thinking about worms recently, and I wondered if you have ever been on a worm hunt!? What might you need?

Where do you think might be a good place to go looking for worms?

Have a chat with your grown up about where you might find a worm, think back to the story we have been sharing too. 

Are there any other places worms live? 


See if you can use the language structure of opinion 

I think...because... 

And finally today, here is one of our favourite stories! 

Don't forget to keep your questions about worms coming!

Wednesday (Friendsday) 6th May 2020

Welcome to Wednesday's learning! Mrs Snelling and myself are missing you all tremendously but we know you and your grown ups are doing a fantastic job at home and we hope to see you soon.

Remember to keep your questions about worms coming (use the email address we sent your "How to form the letters in your name" video from) I have been really impressed with your questions so far and I can't wait to try and find some answers together on Friday. 

Today I wondered if you have ever made a home for a worm? I thought I might try and make wormery and discover what worms like to eat and how they move about in the earth. 



I wonder if you can use these pictures to identify the foods that worms like to eat and which they don't! 

Maybe you could draw your own pictures of these foods and have a go at identifying the initial sounds in the words, (if that is too easy, which other sounds can be heard?) don't forget to use the soundmat I put up on Monday. 

Finally today, as it's well-being Wednesday how about a spot of yoga? Today I've chosen one about another minibeast you might have found on your minibeast hunt last week. 

Tuesday (Woosday) 5th May 2020

Hello Caterpillars! Thank you for the questions you have sent me about worms, I can't wait to find out the answers together. 

Today, I've got the next part of the story, I wonder if some of our questions might be answered? 

And here's a close up of the worm poo called a cast.

I also thought it might be fun to listen to a song to get us started with our phonics today.  This is a song all about a robot who has segmenting some words for you to blend together. 

Maybe you could have a go at drawing or even making your own robot, so you can sound talk too. 

Okay, so now you've had a go at that let's try and play a little game together. Underneath are some pictures of different objects and I have also put a sound recording of me sound talking.

I wonder if you can listen to the sounds and blend them together to identify which word I am saying? 

And finally today I thought we could come back to some of the maths learning we did a couple of weeks ago around shape.

This time, I wondered if you could go on a shape hunt around your house? 

Can you find some circles? How about oblongs and squares? Don't forget to look out for triangles too.

Remember to use your language structure of explanation so that your grown ups know which shapes you have found. 

"I have found a triangle because it has three corners and three sides. "

Maybe you could draw the shapes that you find, or take some photographs. 


Happy shape hunting! See you tomorrow. 


Monday (Funday) 4th May 2020

Good morning Caterpillars! I hope you and your grown ups had a good weekend and didn't get too soggy on Sunday?! 

I really enjoyed the song that Mrs Snelling put up on Friday and it reminded me of one of our favourite Relax kids. 

I've put it underneath for you to enjoy!


Well, I don't know about you but I'm feeling much more relaxed after that! 

Next, I've got the first part of our new book for you. I know that you have already been thinking about worms. How you feel about them and what you already know about them. Can you tell your grown up something that you already know about worms? 


I thought this week, we could become 'wormologists' and find out as much as we can about these animals. 

Start by thinking about some things that you would like to know and have a chat with your grown ups.

You could use this sentence structure to help you organise your thinking,

I would like to find out...

You can ask your grown up to send me your question to our email address (the one that I sent your video from) and then together we can find out. 

Here is the close up of the diagram. Lots of interesting facts here! 

Maybe you could have a go at drawing your own worm and add  some labels. 


I have also had a request for a soundmat to help with any mark-making and writing you are enjoying at home, so I'll put that underneath. 


Okay, have a super day and I'll be back tomorrow with a bit more of the story. 

Friday (Sweetie day) 1st May 2020

Good morning Caterpillars and welcome to Friday.  Do you remember last week when I showed you a picture and asked you to think about what was behind the question mark?

Here is the picture again.

I would love to hear your ideas and I hope you shared them with your grown ups.


Well behind the question mark in the lady's hand was a WORM!

Did you guess?

Where do you think the worm came from?

Can you think of some words to describe how it feels in her hand?

Have you ever found a worm?  Where did you find the worm?

The picture is from a book and Mrs Hawkins will read you the story next week.  What do you think might happen in the story?


I have been out and seen so many beautiful different rainbows in the windows of your homes and I thought you might like to learn to a  rainbow song with the signs for each colour of the rainbow. Do you remember when we always look for rainbows at Caterpillar class when the weather is raining and sunny?  Keep looking.


Have a lovely weekend


Thursday (Stick your tongue out day) 30th April 2020



Happy Thursday Caterpillars.  I hope you are all well.  Today I am going to give you a new rhyme to learn and share with you grown ups.  You could make up your own actions to go with the rhyme.


I have been searching for minibeasts in my garden and I was thinking that we could try to move like some of them.  Here are some suggestions but I bet you could think of your own actions too. 


Which action is your favourite?

Have a super day


Wednesday (friendsday) 29th April 2020

Good morning and happy Wednesday to you.  Mrs Snelling and Mrs Hawkins miss you all very much and are very much looking forward to hopefully seeing you all soon.  Until then, I thought it might be fun to think about different minibeasts today.


I was thinking of all the minibeasts that I could remember and I wanted to ask you a question.

Would you rather be a dragonfly or a bee?  Can you have a think and tell your grown up your reasons why?

Below is a picture of each.  Have a close look and decide.

I think I would rather be a dragonfly because the different colours of the wings are beautiful in the sunshine.


If you have a garden or are able to go for a short walk maybe you could go for a minibeast hunt.  Can you think of any minibeasts that you might find before you go?  Maybe if you lift up some stones and rocks carefully with your grown up you might find some.  Don't worry at all if you can't find any of them.  Sometimes they are really good at hiding from us!

I miss reading you a story so I thought you could look at a couple of pages of one of our favourite books and chat to your grown up about your ideas.

I wonder what you will choose?

Tuesday (Woosday) 28th April 2020


Welcome to Tuesday and I hope you are all well.  Today I received a letter that I thought I would share with you to see what your thoughts and ideas are.


I wonder what you think about worms? 


Do you think they are yucky or not yucky or just a little bit yucky?

Have you ever seen an earthworm?  If so, where did you see it?

Where do you think worms live?

Have you ever felt a worm?  If so what did it feel like?

Do you know any facts about earthworms already?  If not you could try to find some out and share them with your grown ups.

Here are some worm facts for you to enjoy.


Monday (Funday) 27th April 2020


Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well this Monday morning.

This morning I thought it might be fun to have a number hunt.  Maybe you could 

look around your house for various numbers that you recognise and know.  Don't

forget to look in your favourite books for numbers.  Can you see any numbers

from your window?  Look closely at door and on cars.


Brilliant work so far.  Now for a big challenge!  Can you now match each of the numerals above with the correct amount of objects?  You could use lego bricks, pieces of pasta, buttons, whatever you have in your house.  Remember to count carefully.  Maybe you can count groups of objects beyond 10?

Now you might enjoy watching this and counting with Peter Rabbit.


Here is an I spy to practise your counting.

Good luck

Friday (sweetie day) April 24th 2020


 Welcome to Friday you hard working caterpillars.  I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine and spending time with your grown ups.  I wanted to show you a picture this morning and ask you some questions about what you can see.  Remember to look really closely at the picture and share your ideas with your grown ups.  Maybe you could ask them what their ideas are?


Who do you think the people are?


Where do you think they are?


What do you think is in her hand?


Have a look at their faces.  How do you think they feel?


What else do you notice in the picture?

Maybe you could draw a picture of what you think in her hand?

After all that hard work you could now try a session of yoga.  I hope you enjoy.

Have a great weekend and I'll post you up some challenges on Monday. 


Thursday (Stick your tongue out day) 23rd April 2020

Happy Thursday everyone,  I hope you are all having a fabulous week.  I thought

it might be fun to read you a silly story today.  I miss our time together sharing

stories and looking closely at the illustrations.  After the story, you could chat 

to your grown up about your favourite parts of the story and which pair of

knickers you thought were the best pair! 


Have you got your favourite knickers

or pants on today?



Maybe you could have a look at your favourite books today and even share

them with your teddies.

Wednesday (friendsday) April 22nd 2020

 Welcome to Wednesday Caterpillars.  Today we are going to have a challenge - are you ready? 

We are thinking about alliteration.  This is when words begin with the same sounds.  I have a fabulous friend who needs your help please.


Zoe zookeeper needs your help to name her new zoo animals.  She has already named Tommy the tiger and Tallulah the turtle but needs help to think of names for the elephant, warthog, penguin and flamingo.  Can you think of any names to help Zoe zookeeper?


Here is a silly tongue twister for you to try

Peter picked a peck of pickled peppers


Maybe you could draw a picture of your new zoo friends?

Brilliant work so far Caterpillars.



Now you can play I spy with the picture below and listen really carefully for the first sound in each word. Are there any objects in the picture with the same sounds.


Have a wonderful day

Tuesday (Woosday) 21st April 2020

Welcome to Tuesday Caterpillars.  Today I thought it would be fun to be measuring experts.

Can you think about any objects that are long and objects that are short?

Can you find some string, wool, ribbon or paper that you could ask a grown up to help you cut into different lengths.  Now you can lay them on the floor and order them from the shortest to the longest.

If you have any lego, can you make different towers and lay them on the floor and order them from longest to shortest? Now take a lego tower and find things in your home that are longer and things that are shorter - remember to lay them on the floor to measure.


Which one is the longest?

Which one is the shortest?


Happy measuring

Enjoy the video!


We cannot accept responsibility for any external links and would advise you to check sites before accessing with your child. 

Monday April 20th 2020


Welcome back!

 Good morning wonderful Caterpillars.  I hope you are all well and that you didn't eat too many Easter eggs!  Mrs Snelling and Mrs Hawkins miss you and we very much look forward to hearing all of your news when we see you next.

I thought it might be fun to start this week with a silly rhyme.  Can you learn it and maybe try to teach your grown ups or brothers and sisters?


You could add some actions of your own to help you remember the rhyme!




It's the Easter holidays!

It may not feel like it, but today is the last day of term before the Easter holidays. We'll be back with more home learning in the week commencing 20/4/20  but until then we have put some links to some websites that you might like to visit to help keep you busy while staying safe at home this holiday.

Thank you for all of your amazing efforts with home learning so far and please remember that no matter how much or little you've managed, it's all great and important! Home learning will look different in every home while we all grapple with juggling work and family life and adjust to our new routines. Some days will be great and others not so successful and that's OK! This is a massive learning curve for us all!

Stay safe and well everyone!

From Mrs Snelling and Mrs Hawkins





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