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Week 7 Lockdown

8 May 2020 (by Chris Taylor (C Taylor))

To our Wonderful Community

We are coming to the end of week 7 of UK lockdown which means you have now been at home with your children for longer than if they were on summer holiday. Seven weeks is a long time! I know how I feel at the end of a summer holiday, ready to: get back into a routine, spend time with different people (as wonderful as my family are) and hand my kids back to school. During this period of global uncertainty you have been there to support, protect, reassure, comfort, educate and nourish your delightful children.

It has been and continues to be an emotional journey. I don’t know about you but fatigue is kicking in – is there any wonder? These last seven weeks have not been like the summer holiday; there haven’t been any trips out, picnics in the park or even extended family and friends around to help out. You have done it alone and for that I congratulate you – you are all amazing!

Let’s not forget that many of you have been managing this on top of juggling all your own demands, constant news coverage, isolation from family and friends and much more. It is not easy to be a parent these days. We love our children and willingly sacrifice our time, energy and money for their wellbeing. But even with the best intentions many of us feel as though we are walking a tightrope one step at a time trying to find balance.

As many of you are aware the media have been sending out unhelpful mixed messages and speculation to people across the country about the content of the announcement, on Sunday, from the Prime Minister. I am hoping that he will be sharing a gentle, incremental and carefully monitored roadmap of how lockdown will be eased and one which is supported by scientific evidence.

Schools will look very different from the way they operated prior to lockdown and it will only be possible to welcome children back when the scientific evidence suggests it is safe to do so. Your children, my colleagues and your safety remain my highest priority. Nothing will happen quickly, we will follow scientific guidance, and I will keep you informed of what, when and how in due course. I appreciate that some of you may be eager to get children back to school whilst, for others, it fills you with anxiety. Whatever your thoughts and feelings we will support you all when that time comes.

We have all achieved something remarkable during this unprecedented period in time and, on this historic Bank Holiday, as we reflect on those who gave so much I think it right to thank the heroes of today as well as the heroes of 75 years ago. Enjoy this extraordinary and sunny weekend - history will remember you all for your resilience and community collaboration and your children will reminisce this time as knowing they were safe, loved and cared for. Staff here are immensely grateful that you are all there for them at a time when we should be but can’t.

You and your children are incredible!

With love


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